Thursday, 17 January 2013

Notepads - Magic Soup

In our excitement for the new plans for the Olive Dragonfly blog, Roz decided she needed a new notepad for jotting down ideas when out and about.  I spotted one for her in House of Fraser after her birthday lunch today (she sadly had to go back to work) and couldn't resist them myself!  They were in the Mary Portas section and made by Magic Soup.  There were 6 designs and some turned out to be in the sale, although they were all labelled at £3.50.  They're ideal for carrying around for those sudden inspirations as they're quite thin and light.  I chose four (below) for myself and Roz picked one (top left - my favourite!) from the tweet I sent her.

Note books

I love the colours, especially all the green and the designs are so cute!

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