Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Six Years

It was 6 years ago today that my husband and I switched from being friends and work colleagues to something more.  I'd never made it past 6 months in a relationship before I met Nik.  Possibly because, until I met him, guys just didn't get me.  Perhaps the story of how it happened will explain why.

We were at a 'cheesy' fancy dress flat warming party for another friend and colleague and there was a lot of flirting all night, culminating in a kiss (and a few more kisses)!

Nik is the opposite of me and utterly laid back.  I am hyper and excitable.  When we returned to work I was clearly in a state of what's going to happen next?  Was it just a kiss?  Was it beer related?  Does he want to go out with me?  I was obviously interested and had done nothing for the past two days but ponder these questions.  He was just carrying on as normal.  So I asked him out.  I was never one for patience, which is just as well as it could have taken months!  (Nik has since admitted this to be true!)  He said no, he was busy (cue red face and hasty retreat from me, while trying to be nonchalant).  A couple of nights later, I asked if he wanted to pop by after his late shift and he was planning to, but then had to call and cancel as he had to stay late for an emergency at work.  A few days after that I called to see if he fancied coming over to watch a film.  He said it was a bit late to watch a film.  I'm nothing if not persistent and this still didn't put me off.  Maybe I was crazy, but I needed it spelled out to me if someone wasn't interested, ever the optimist!

I decided maybe he was trying to let me down gently and just go back to being friends without making things awkward.  I would MUCH rather he just said it.  I was never one for games, much preferring straight talk and obvious cues.

I eventually called him one evening when we were both off the next day (I actually sound like a crazy stalker now don't I?!) with a big speech all prepared explaining that I wasn't sure if anything else was going to happen since we kissed and if he just wanted to go back to being friends that was fine but could he just tell me either way.  I preceded my planned speech with one last ditch attempt to ask him out and suggested going for a drink, all ready to plough into my calm but efficient speech.  But he said yes!  This I was not prepared for!  He said, lets meet in half an hour.  Eeeeek!  Hair, outfit, make-up all a mess - emergency style getting ready commenced!

We met in a bar in Edinburgh and sat opposite each other at a table with a couple of beers and chatted about work, as you do when you work together.  I still wasn't sure if he was just trying to remain friends.  We moved on to another bar, this time sitting in a booth and after another drink, he placed his hand on my knee and I could finally relax!  You don't do that if you're trying to be friends.  Needless to say, there was more kissing at the end of that night and you know how the story pans out after that.  :D

I know this all makes me sound a bit mental and too keen.  I'm so grateful that Nik could see past that, most likely because he already knew I was a bit bonkers having worked with me for 6 months!  He still says now that is one of the reasons he loves me, what you see is what you get and when I'm dancing round the room in crazy happy chick mode, it makes him laugh.  I even wrote it in our wedding vows, that he know's I'm mad and he loves me anyway and that's why we work so well together.  He keeps me sane(ish) and I provide the craziness.

He'll kill me for this one but he's just too gorgeous!

I think he discovered just how bonkers I am on that holiday when I took a million pictures (and have kept that up ever since)  ;)

And since this is the story of our first kiss, here are some pictures of our first kiss as husband and wife and the kiss I gave him after his lovely speech...

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films


Amanda M said...

Ahhh, I love a 'how we met' story.

And the camel is cute too!

Anna K said...

Actually weeping! Gorgeous post. He's a lucky man!

Unknown said...

I love this post. You two rock!

Also the picture of Nik at the bottom was the only one showing in the preview of my reader! You know - the one you think he's not want shared but that you love because he looks good!

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