Friday, 18 January 2013

Splurge Vs Save - The comparison

So, here is the result, you all guessed correctly, I think the shoes definitely gave it away!

Splurge - £1820

Splurge - Spring outfit

Save - £137

Waiting for Spring

Total difference in price = £1683

I actually have the Monica Vinader earrings thanks to my lovely brother and sister in law for Christmas (only realised quite how splurgey they were when putting together this outfit, very generous gift!) and I absolutely love them!  I've worn them LOADS already as they go with so much!  I managed to find some similar ones on-line for the save option and, needless to say, I prefer mine but for the purposes of this I've swapped them to the appropriate set.


My shoes - M&S - £15
Splurge shoes - Christian Louboutin - £525

My jeans - H&M - £30
Splurge jeans - Current/Elliott - £175

My top - H&M - £25
Splurge top - Etro - £465

My bag - Aldo - £30 (Gift from Roz!)
Splurge bag - Stella McCartney - £560

Save earrings - - £37
My earrings - Monica Vinader - £95

Admittedly I DO prefer the Christian Louboutin shoes (especially as they have a reasonable height heel for once!) but compared to my £15 bargains, I'll stick with M&S!  I also like that my outfit is actually much more vibrant than the designer one.  (The coral peplum top is actually quite neon in real life and I am a little apprehensive about wearing it against my pasty skin but I love it!)

All items can be found via Polyvore, links under images.

I'm also on the lookout for some leopard print flats for this (and other) outfits so I will be able to walk around for longer ;)  Even with the small heel, I'm still useless!!  If you know of any reasonably priced, nice ones, do please leave me a comment/tweet!


Ashleigh said...

I definitely prefer the save top, Might have to go look for one of those :-)

Unknown said...

Totally loving this new post, a great addition to the blog. Can't wait to pull a Splurge v Save post together myself :)

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