Friday, 18 January 2013

Splurge Vs Save

It's addictive this Polyvore!!  I made an outfit the other day which I'm looking forward to wearing in spring, I'm ready for faded jeans and bright colours already!  And after my new found love of putting together splurge vs save outfits, I thought I'd give that one the treatment!

After talking with Roz about some blog ideas, we came up with the idea of making this more interesting by making you guess which is the Splurge and which is the Save!  NO cheating by clicking through to Polyvore please ;)

I haven't given the prices in case it makes it too obvious but they will be on this afternoon's post with full item details and prices.  If you have it sussed, why not have a guess at the total cost for each outfit?!  Don't forget to come back at 1.30pm to find out!

Splurge - Spring outfit

Waiting for Spring

I do think this one is easy but hopefully with this idea in mind, I'll be able to fool some of you in the future!  I'm also planning on making up some outfits around a certain item and different ways I would wear it (Mum doesn't get the point of the splurge vs save, she thinks I should only do the save version so I said I'd try this as another idea to fill Fridays but I still like the Splurge Vs Save as well!)


rebecca@florencefinds said...

Top one Splurge
Bottom one Save

It's the shoes and jewellery (Monica Vinader?) that give it away ;)

Like the new commenting! Name/url is always a winner for me!


amy said...

The first one is the splurge!
(I like this game)

Ailsa said...

Oooh - difficult one - the shoes in the bottom one look cheaper, but the earrings look more expensive! So - on the basis of the handbag - I'm going top one "splurge" and bottom one "save"??

Gemma C-S said...

I agree with Rebecca but I LOVE this idea and post! xx

Peridot said...

I'm going with the first being the splurge too!

Lara Blue said...

Top = splurge, bottom= save. Shoes (Louboutins unless my eyes deceived me?) and top are the giveaway for me! :) xx

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