Thursday, 7 March 2013

Anthropologie Love by Roz

I quite often spend a couple of days a week working in Edinburgh, a city which I do love but the commute can quite often stress me out. My work has been crazy busy over the past few weeks so more often than not I have eaten my lunch at my desk and read the paper for 10 mins for a break, instead of taking a full lunch hour. On Thursday things were a bit quieter so I headed out to George Street for a wander and made a bee line for Anthropologie. I love that shop and could happy spend time browsing the homewares, jewellery and clothes for a good while.

I had set off in the hope that I could treat myself to a wee something, given the new budget I've realised I haven't bought anything for myself since Bex and I went to London for the weekend over two months ago. I had some money (a birthday gift from my parents) that I was hoping to put to good use.

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I was eyeing up the lovely homewares and thinking how nice it would be to be able to buy some beautiful new plates, glasses etc. for our new kitchen, when an item caught my eye. I initially thought it was a reproduced milk jug and picked it up for a closer look. It turned out to be an original heavy clay cream jug from Wigtown Creamery. B's gran, who is 93, lives in Wigtown and worked in the Creamery when she was 16! I was stunned. I searched through the different containers, all slightly different due to chips or cracks from wear and tear or some with different designs or from different creameries (like the Galloway Creamery just down the road).

Two of the sales assistants in the shop got involved in helping me select my favourite ones as they had a few displays dotted around the shop, cue some climbing on chairs to reach the ones used on the display shelves - thanks ladies :)

In the end I bought two of these beautiful cream pots, one as a present for B's gran that is all wrapped up in a gift box and one for us for our new kitchen. When I told B about it afterwards he thought it was fab but did have a little laugh and say I bet we take it down for his Gran and she has 5 in the cupboard! We are visiting her over Easter and I can't wait to see what she thinks of her pressie :)

Roz x


Unknown said...

This is really lovely - and what great service they gave you too. I love Anthropologie but often balk at the prices there but this story and that jug are just lovely.

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely story! I went to the Edinburgh anthropologie for the first time yesterday....I wanted ALL THE THINGS...but they were a bit pricey so I limited myself to a new teacup and a bowl :) beautiful shop x

Unknown said...

I must admit most of my purchases have been made in the sale. It's a shop I dream of winning a two minute trolley dash in, hahaha!

laurenmaria said...

That's lovely, it's brilliant when you find something like that!


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