Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy Rainy Sunday

It's raining and grey outside, there are a few bad things happening at the moment (not just to us, but a few friends are having a hard time as well) and my feet are cold but today I'm taking pleasure in the small things.  It's not always easy to tuck away the sad thoughts and just be happy but it's worth trying.  :)

Little things making me happy today:

Texting with Roz about blog plans.
The fact that (for the first time ever) I've scheduled a whole 2 weeks of blog posts!  Love feeling organised!
Watching The Big Bang Theory.  ("squatteth the toad of truth" heehee.)
Playing with my new lens again.
Supping a yummy, starry latte made by hubby.

Enjoying the yummy biscuits I made yesterday (I'm not usually a biscuit fan but I love these!) - recipe and more nifty fifty pictures on the blog tomorrow!
Editing pictures with words in my new-found flouncy font [not everyone's cup of tea - hubby hates flouncy ones but I love the magical swirliness!  I may have read too many mystical books lately ;) ]
Cutting out felt hearts.
Researching places to go in South Korea (this seems to be revolving around food!)
Writing lists, lists and more lists - especially packing!  I love making a packing list, it gets me all excited for the holiday and I love planning outfits!
Organising my Bloglovin' Profile.
Updating our Facebook page.
Pinning!  (It's too addictive!)
Munching the take-away sushi we bought last night.
Trying to think up a fabulous prize package for a special give-away we've got coming up in the next few weeks!!
Update: I'm now watching James Martin's cake trip round USA so might have to do baking this evening!
Also just received a lovely email from a reader!  Always exciting!!

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend too!


Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

Hope you are okay sweetie. I love the stars on the latte xx

Bex said...

Thanks Rachie, I'll be fine, I have plenty to keep me busy :)

He's very good at lattes and always puts some kind of pattern on for me! :D

Amanda M said...

What about some of those yummy biscuits as the prize? And then a rule which says I have to win please...

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