Saturday, 2 March 2013

Personalised cards

With Mother's Day coming up next week, I was reminded of the cards I had made recently for my Dad's birthday and for my Father-in-law last Father's Day.  You know I love photos and there were some great templates on for adding lots of photos to a card which I thought they'd both love.

For my FIL, I used pictures of us all having fun as a family and found lots of pictures of him and I together to include...

There's us at Loch Lomond, at our wedding, at my brother-in-law's weddings, dancing, at an engagement party, on our way out for dinner in Glasgow and him putting a henna dragonfly on my wrist before a wedding.

I love the back where it says putting you in the picture and you can add another one...

I did a similar thing for my Dad...

Sadly I don';t have as many pictures with him as he lives abroad so we don't spend as much time together.  I used all my favourites of him and us at my wedding.  I then realised I could change the 'putting you in the picture' text so added some more kisses.

They both loved them so I'll have to think up some more ideas next time - or get some new photos taken!

This sounds a bit like a sponsored post but it isn't, I just really liked the cards I was able to make :)

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Unknown said...

These are great Bex!

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