Tuesday, 19 March 2013

#PostCircle by Roz

I recently signed up to Anna's wonderful #PostCircle, an idea that centres around sending and receiving beautiful / exciting / fun post. How often can you go through a good few weeks without a nice piece of mail? Anna had quite a number of respondents and divided is up into groups of 6, I'm in the owl group :)

(Bex butting in here to say I'm in the Dormouse group and I'm excited about posting and receiving too!!)

I really wasn't sure what to send to my recipient for my first piece of exciting post, oh the pressure! I had a quick look online for some funky owl stationery but felt I bit underwhelmed. Then I remembered I was going down to my parents to see them at the weekend, which meant access to my mum's card making supplies!! My mum is super talented, designing her own cards and more often than not makes birthday, Christmas, celebration etc cards. She even made our beautiful wedding stationery :)
Butting in again: your Mum sounds JUST like mine!!  :D  Hi Mrs W!  (So weird, Roz and I are both now Mrs M and our Mums are both Mrs W!)

I had hoped after Bex's dragonfly ombrĂ© cards that I could do something similar if my mum had an owl punch....however, as is always the way, she had everything but an owl punch. (The only one I've managed to find is very cute but very expensive from the US by Martha Stewart!)  My mum did then offer to draw me an owl, told you she was a star. We then used the template to cut up 6 little owls for the front of the card. I chose a brown metallic card and a lovely embossed silver card. We added details using a black permanent marker, to define claws, feathers etc. and added a wee bit of sparkle by using diamantes for their eyes.

I was so pleased with the end result :) The owls are attached to the card with double sided foam adhesive to make the owls stand off the card and after arranging them on the card I added a Helloooooo to fit in with the first time theme of the card.

I really hope my recipient likes the card, I had a lot of fun making it! I also added a mix CD of some of my favourite songs (such a fab idea stolen from Gemma's #Blogmanay) as music was listed as one of the 10 favourite things of my person.

Here's the track listing...

1) Atomic '98 (Xenomania Mix) – Blondie. This song takes me back to dancing in nightclubs underage!
2) Let's Get Lost - Bat For Lashes / Beck.  There is something about this song, I just love it and would happily get lost listening to the music and lyrics.
3) Arizona - Kings of Leon.  This is one of my favourite songs of all time.  As soon as I hear the opening chords all is right with the world.  It also really makes me wish I could play guitar.  Maybe I should learn?
4) I Try - Macy Gray.  I know this is one of Macy’s most famous songs, but a friend played it to me in Bournemouth in the Summer of ’99 and I have loved it ever since.
5) For Reasons Unknown - The Killers.  I have a bit of a thing for the Killers, I’ve seen them & Brandon Flowers live so many times.  I’m pretty scared I might go a bit crazy fan lady if I ever met him saw him in a public place.  This is not my favourite song of theirs but boy does it make me think & Brandon loves to sing it live.
6) 20th Century Boy - T-Rex.  This song transports me back to my childhood and makes me think of my dad.
7) We Are You – Fun.  Clearly this is a really recent song, but it featured in a performance of Romeo & Juliet that I watched in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens (actually amazing!) and I love hearing the song as I remember how amazing the play was.
8) Don't Stop Me Now – Queen.  Another of my all time favourite songs, which featured a number of times at our wedding!  Are there people out there who can listen to this with out singing along / dancing?
9) A Real Hero - College & Electric Youth.  Another relatively new song, from the soundtrack to Drive.  I was so impressed with the score for the movie that I bought the album (I think the last movie sound track album I bought was Dirty Dancing!!) and this is just my favourite song from it.
10) Rebel Rebel - David Bowie.  I had to have a Bowie song on this playlist, it was hard choosing one but this seemed as good a choice as any.
11) Here Comes The Rain – Eurythmics.  This album was also played a lot in my house when I was growing up as my mum loved Annie & the Eurythmics.   I remember liking this song a lot.  I think it was all the references to lovers – hahahaha!
12) Lightning Crashes – Live.  When I was 13 I went to America to stay with a friend I met on holiday a few years before (don’t panic my parents came too!).  My friend loved this song and it has stayed with me ever since.  I felt so cool coming home obsessed with bands that my friends had never heard of!
13) Dream of Me - Kristina Train.  This was a free single of the week on itunes.  I love Kristina’s voice.
14) Deuces are Wild – Aerosmith.  I listened to a lot of rock growing up (thanks to having a big brother who loved Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses etc.) and when I got my first cd player my brother bought me this single as he thought it was my favourite.
15) Mystery Land - Y Traxx.  I couldn’t put together a playlist without a little bit of dance music.  I didn’t want to anything too hardcore, so opted for this gorgeous tune to end the playlist.  I really hope you like it.


Amanda M said...

I too am a Mrs M with a Mrs W as a mother! Spooooooky

Anna @ Miss Beatrix said...

I so love your owl card, and the amount of effort you put in too! And there are some pretty amazing tunes on that CD, I am rather jealous of that particular recipient! x

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous card! Very impressed and I bet your #postcircle recipient loved it!

Jo :-) x

laurenmaria said...

Such a cute card! Great tracks as well, great post circle!

Theresa said...

As the very excited recipient, I have to say I loved it! The owl card is proudly sitting on my bookcase and the CD is fab :-)

Hoping to write some letters this weekend, including a reply to the lovely Roz!

fatmonica said...

It's a beautiful card and what a great idea!Love the music CD and am sure the recipient loves it!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments, I really did have fun making the owl card :)

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