Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Buttermilk & Blueberry Smoothie (Pin It Do It)

We don't have a Pin It Do It for today but this is one you might like to Pin and do yourself!?  I highly recommend it!

I'm trying to be healthier again.  It's been over a year since I started trying to lose weight and get healthier with a new lifestyle of more exercise and a better diet.  I kept up the exercise for 6 months and lost over a stone but I soon lost my momentum after returning from Italy as we came into winter.  I've tried to keep up the better diet but have been naughty on a few too many occasions and my weight has crept back up to what it was!  I don't feel as sluggish as I had been when I started though and don't think I look as overweight as I did before I started, probably because I did do a lot of exercise for so long.

Unfortunately winter doesn't seem to be over yet with multiple hail showers on Monday (the instagram photos below were all taken on the same day)!

11am - hail storm, 12pm - glorious sunshine
2.30pm - hail again, 4pm - bit of both!

I've been finding it difficult to motivate myself to walk to work, not knowing when I might get drenched!  I have been trying to be a bit more conscious of my diet again though as I've been guilty of becoming lazy again.  All too easy when life gets stressful and busy!  I really enjoyed my diet last year and found if I was organised it was very easy to stick to.  It wasn't a 'diet', just healthy, sensible eating with plenty of salads, fresh fruit and healthy home cooked meals.  I love salads and never got bored or cut anything out, cake was still on the menu!  It was just a case of having the time to get to the shops regularly and making the effort to prepare things so I wasn't eating fatty convenience foods and snacking on naughty things all the time.

Anyway, I am determined to get there and have recently found a few delicious sounding, healthy recipes when sorting old food magazines.  Below is one for a smoothie I made the other day which is lovely and very low fat!  It was in an old Waitrose LOVE life magazine.

I know smoothies aren't always the best option due to the high natural sugar content but I feel I need a boost at the moment as I've been suffering from a terrible cough and cold for over a week now and the above mentioned stress and busy lifestyle are definitely causing me to become a bit rundown.

2 small bananas
190g blueberries (I used frozen as they were cheaper as not in season yet)
284ml carton buttermilk
handful of ice (I used 4 cubes)

Place everything in a blender and whizz until smooth.

Apparently this serves 2 but I split it into 3 portions of around 250ml (one shown in glass)
so the nutritional information works out per serving as:
105 calories
4.1g protein
20.6g carbohydrate
18.3g sugars
0.7g fat
0.3g saturated fat
1.3g fibre
0.1g salt

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Unknown said...

I heard something yesterday from a diet and exercise blog I follow (Tone It Up) that really resonated with me. No one ever got fat from eating fruit. Makes sense. I've been on a massive health kick this year and have lost 11lbs. Not as much as I'd hoped but hoping the slow and steady approach with keep it off.

Unknown said...

I find when it is cold it is harder to stay motivated - for example my office is FREEZING right now so I want hot chocolate, or tea and chocolate as I feel like those things would comfort me as I shiver at my desk.

Instead I have asked facilities to please turn on the heating and am trying to stick to my water!

Fruit is yum, smoothies are one of my favourite ways to get to my five a day!

Amanda M said...

Sorry Mel, but I can definitely get fat from eating fruit - I can eat a LOT of it and it is essentially sugar! I'm very sensitive to sugar and it's possible that I can eat more fruit than most people.

I enjoyed the post Bex and would be interested to see more of what you eat. Do you find a smoothie fills you up? I too love salads - have you tried Mahj's steak and stilton salad? It's amazing and I fry the red onions in a little oil until crispy, rather than use raw onion.

Bex said...

Oh my god I LOVE Mahj's salad! Had it a couple of times but actually use that salad base all the time now Amanda!

I've been toying with the idea of bringin back the Sunday Weigh In, that was definitely my biggest motivator, knowing i was recording and actually sharing every single thing I ate and all the exercise and the results. It became such a commitment though, even if I was less OTT with the food pics, it's tough to keep a note of everything every day but it works so maybe I should start that again. I could share monthly goals with snippets of food diary maybe but still including the naughty parts!

I found a this smoothie definitely filled me up! I am normally very hungry at lunch time and then again at 4pm but the day I made this I had a (very naughty) McDonald's breakfast at work, then at lunch I had that glass of smoothie and at 4 I had another similar sized glass, a packet of quavers and a small slice of ginger cake and only wanted a small dinner (sushi at 8.30pm) with no dessert. I usually eat A LOT more than that in a day, especially for lunch!

Mel - well done for losing 11lbs! I think it really depends on the fruit as well as they can be calorific due to the sugar content (and are pretty bad for your teeth too!)

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