Thursday, 23 May 2013

In love with an appliquéd dress

I wasn't even looking for a dress.  I walked past Coast and this dress actually caught my eye from the back of the shop!  I doubled back to have a closer look and immediately wanted to try it on.

I wasn't convinced the nude colour would work with my pasty skin but I actually think it looks quite good on!  I tweeted a picture and it was my most liked instagram ever so you obviously agree!  It also goes pretty perfectly with my vintage pearl and marcasite earrings (which I just happened to be wearing) I bought in Portobello when I was down in London for the very first Any Other Party!

I love the gorgeous appliqué detail in ombre pink against the nude dress with the cinched in waist.  Absolutely love it!  I think it's so different to anything I own, I'd find it strange to not wear a necklace as you know I love my accessories!  I don't think I own any nude clothing, I usually go for dark or bright colours so this is totally justifiable, yes?

Unfortunately it's a pricey £150 and I have no reason to buy it at the moment (although it could be very lovely for a July wedding reception in the Royal Opera House!)  I was in two minds whether to blog about it in case you all rush out to buy it as I'm waiting to see if a discount code comes up soon.  I hope it doesn't sell out!!  ;)

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Unknown said...

It really does suit you.

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