Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Young and Beautiful

by Roz

A few weeks ago Lauren and I went to see Lana Del Rey in concert at the SECC.  I was pretty excited about going as I'd only booked the tickets a few weeks before the gig when the venue was changed from the O2 Academy due to the demand for the tickets.  As I previously mentioned I've wanted to hear Lana sing live for a while and was pretty excited to see her support act Kassidy too.

The weather had been so bizarre that week but it was sunny (yet freezing!) on the night of the concert, so we popped some colourful dresses on and had a few bottles of Rekorderlig Mango and Raspberry cider at mine whilst munching on homemade mac 'n cheese :)  If you haven't tried the cider I highly recommend it, it's very gluggable and not too sweet like so many of the flavoured ciders.  Here we are posing in the hall, apologies for the quality of the photos through out, I just had my iphone with me.

We may have also enjoyed a cider at the gig!  But only one as our spot in the crowd was close to the front and not worth risking a trip to the bar to lose it.

Kassidy came on at 8pm and played 5 or 6 songs and had some great banter with the crowd!  You could tell they were really happy to be back in Glasgow and I really enjoyed their set, they were honestly even better than I remembered and I have got back into their music and have since downloaded their mini album People Like Me.  If you've never heard of them then click the link and have a listen, especially Gambler does the Gambler which is one of my faves.

Lana came on about 15 mins after Kassidy left the stage and was on stage for about an hour and a half - set list below.  I liked her voice live and thought that the simple stage set up helped ensure it was her vocals that remained the focus of the gig.  Whilst she wasn't overly chatty with the crowd, she did thank her fans a number of times and express her love for Glasgow and her man!  I have also decided that Lana is very gorgeous in real life :)

Lana came down off the stage a number of times during the gig and spent a good 10-15mins at the end of her set to sign autographs and chat to the crowd, which I thought was really nice.  She didn't do an encore though or really say goodbye properly which was a bit disappointing.

The crowd kept moving forward at different points in the night, so by the end of the gig we were very close to the front.  Lauren managed to get a copy of the set list from one of Lana's band (Bryon Thomas the pianist) who was happily chatting away to the crowd as they were clearing up the set.

And here is a close up of the set list.  I really like her song on the Great Gatsby soundtrack, Young and Beautiful, so was happy to hear her sing it live.  One thing we did find funny was how young the crowd was.  I'm not sure many of them knew that Blue Velvet wasn't one of Lana's originals and at the concert after Blue Velvet she sang some of Knockin on Heaven's Door...none of the crowd joined in!  Except Lauren and me :)

I do love going to gigs, I just wish I had the money and time to go see live music every week!  This gig was definitely worth the ticket price.  Thanks for coming with me Lauren it was fun :)

Roz xx


Unknown said...

That cider sounds amazing.

Unknown said...

Did you ask Gladgowmummy about her neighbours connection to Kassidy?

Unknown said...

I didn't actually, you left the comment the day after we went to the gig. I'm seeing her on Sunday so will ask her then for future reference :)

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