Monday, 26 August 2013

2nd Anniversary card & presents!

by Bex

I started this post before I went to Malaysia but ran out of time to finish it!  I shared the gift I made for Nik for our first anniversary and it is one of my most popular posts so I thought I'd share what I made this year too.  

2nd Anniversary Card

For our cotton anniversary, I made Nik a very simple card which took a lot of effort but minimal skill.  As with last year, when I made him framed map hearts out of paper for our paper anniversary, I wanted to make something out of cotton for our cotton anniversary.  I made him some 'manly' (grey and black) friendship bracelets and a card which I hand stitched with cotton.

I also got him these super cute monkey pants!

To make a similar stitched card, all you need is some embroidery thread, a needle and a blank card.

It wasn't perfect but here's how to do it...

Write your words in pencil so you can follow them easily when stitching.  This is where I made my first mistake as my letters were too small and close together so when I stitched them they weren't very clear and it was difficult to do it without tearing the card.  You can also see where I tried to correct it and ended up smudging the a in Happy!

I found it was easiest to prick holes through where you wanted your stitches to go first.  You have to make sure you don't go up the same hole you've just gone down to make the next stitch as it will just unravel or tear, this does make the back quite messy but we don't care about that ;)

I also added a heart.  It did take a while but I was very pleased with the end result, despite my mistakes!

The messy back!

There was also a bit of a tangle at one point which I couldn't undo so it could have been a bit neater!

I also bought him a few cotton things for our holiday in Malaysia - perfect for the hot, sticky weather.  (I might actually write a man style holiday post of the things I bought him and a few other bits I liked.)

I love that we had both addressed our cards the same ;)

And I LOVE the card he gave me!

My present hadn't arrived before we left but I can confirm he bought me something absolutely wonderful as well as my gorgeous flowers and brilliant card!  (It was a birthday card that he adjusted!)  :)


kpsays said...

Lovely idea for a card!

Unknown said...

That is a lovely idea for a card. I'll try to remember it for me for next year!

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