Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day one in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

by Bex

Almost there...

Coming in to land

First glimpse of the towers from our taxi en route to hotel :)

Well our first day in KL was a huge success!  Despite a very long day of travelling, we arrived late and went straight to bed after settling in to our very nice hotel.

The next morning we met up with Bella & Fiachra (after a quick breakfast burrito, my first ever but definitely not my last!) to head to Clare's where we were met by Emmi coming home from nursery.  She led us upstairs to show us her home.

Where Clare served us with baked french toast and plied us with tea after giving us a tour of her amazing apartment :)

Emmi eyed me suspiciously as I started papping her, I thought she'd be used to it ;)  She's the perfect cute model to practice with my nifty fifty and even ended up having a go herself!

Love the ankle tilt with shoes on the wrong feet ;)

 We had a lovely catch up, chatting about all sorts, but were mostly distracted by the cuteness!

We got into trouble when Clare went to answer the phone during Emmi's lunch and we looked at Fiachra for a few seconds as we debated something and turned back to green mush everywhere, oops!

We were soon forgiven and after naptime it was time for hugs and games.

Taken by Fiachra

Taken by Fiachra

Taken by Fiachra

Taken by Emmi!

Photo from here, used with kind permission of Clare
After having a go on my camera, Emmi found my phone and proceeded to get up to mischief taking pictures of her knee.  Look at that cute belly button!

"Eeee hee heee, they can't see what I'm up to now!"

"Look behind you!  Haha, fooled them.  Now, let's see here"

A few photos of Emmi's knee.

 "Uh-ooh, busted!"

Time for tickles!

We walked down to see the amazing pool area before saying goodbye.

 Emmi accessorizes so well!

Taken by Nik
Such a pleasure!  After a lovely few hours spent with Emmi & co, Nik and I headed to Little India at Brickfields to search for outfits for his cousin's wedding.  Blog post coming soon all about it, including Nik's interesting haircut experience!  :)


Unknown said...

It looks so great! Love your photos and Emmi is just adorable!

Amanda M said...

Emmi really is ridiculously cute! Love your and Bella's dresses too.

Bex said...

Thanks guys! She is super cute isn't she! :)

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