Friday, 9 August 2013

George at Asda

by Bex

This afternoon I have a cheeky wee cocktail recipe to share, just in time for the weekend, so come back at 12:30pm to see what I invented last Friday!  :)

Last week I was getting my car serviced as we had a service plan included when we bought our Qashqai.  This meant I had to get up extra early to take it out where our local Nissan centre is at Linwood by 8am.  At Linwood there are a lot of car showrooms, a cinema, an Asda, Matalan, Pets at Home, some kind of furniture shop, McDonalds, KFC and a TK Maxx.  Your standard industrial estate really.  Luckily this meant, despite the rain, I could spend the couple of hours with at least something to entertain me.

After an Asda breakfast, I decided to browse the clothes - always a mistake if I'm trying not to shop as I'll inevitably see something I love can can't resist - I'm useless at self control when it comes to clothes!  I was rather impressed by the current selection and ended up investing in a couple of items, at those prices it was impossible to resist!

The quality is actually really good, I got this very nice striped B&W T-shirt for just £4 but it's so soft and the cotton is not thin like some cheap T-shirts.

I also spotted these super comfy star print jogging bottoms for those relaxing weekends/evenings when I am lounging around and blogging like I've been able to enjoy again this last week.  They were just £10.

They had some gorgeous bikinis which Nik will be quite distressed about as I'd managed to resist buying any new ones for our recent trip but decided a classic black would be a good investment when I have to pack light as so many of mine are different bright colours and can't always be worn under my colourful clothes.  However, I don't tend to do boring black - especially on holiday so the sequins jazz it up a bit to keep it more me :)

Black sequin bikini

I don't tend to be a fan of mix n match bikinis either as I always think I end up looking like I just got mixed up but these tropical sunset print bottoms were too gorgeous and since they were only £4 and go with the black due to the silhouettes, I thought they'd work well together.  Anyway, my parents are moving to Malaysia - I'm always going to need bikinis ;)

There is one other thing but I'm saving that for a sort of Splurge Vs Save but it's not a challenge this time I'm afraid.

Here are a few other things I liked but not enough to buy...

Embellished flats - £12
Pretty but the 7 was too small and 8 too big!

Tiger print blouse

Aztec print bag - £10

I really liked the psychedelic skull embroidered onto this white sweatshirt but the material this time was very thin, the kind which feels like towelling inside rather than soft and I particularly didn't like the sleeves.  They were the same fabric but inside out to give a different texture but I wasn't keen on it at all even though it was only £12.  I would have preferred it be made out of nicer fabric and a bit more expensive, I could imagine styling it all sorts of ways with a red maxi skirt or pink skinny jeans for example.

Skull Sweatshirt - £12

I do love supermarket finds, my blue dress from F&F at Tesco has been a great buy which I wear often, it's great on holiday out for dinner or dressed up for a wedding.  Do you shop for clothes in supermarkets?  Ever had any great finds?


M-J said...

I've bought a few things at supermarkets. I find they are good for PJs and socks, and a few other staples like vests. I also have a great wee everyday dress from Tesco which I wear a lot. There are definitely stages where there is nothing I like, but I think that goes for all shops! I shop in Tesco, so I love that I can use my vouchers and double the value for clothes, it's clothes shopping without the guilt!

Zan said...

Oh this is very timely as I'm doing the food shop at Asda tonight! I do like George clothes, have got some real finds from there before. My best one was a light spring/autumn coat that I wore to death! Lasted for ages.

I'll be looking out for those flats, they're v. pretty!

Mrs Madrigal said...

Now those pumps are CUTE. I am in Asda almost daily. Why have I not spotted them?!

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