Friday, 9 August 2013

Peachy Keen Cocktail

by Bex

I invented another cocktail!  I thought this was a good one to share with you on a Friday afternoon as I rather enjoyed testing these last Friday ;)

I even thought of a name this time, inspired by Grease!  The other night I wanted to make a Sex on the Beach but didn't have any cranberry juice so had to get inventive.  The result was yummy, even better than my sour cherry creation!  (I went searching to see if it was something that already existed but couldn't find it, although I did find some other delish sounding peach drinks which I pinned to my Drinks board.)

One ice cube
5 frozen raspberries
40ml Peach Schnapps
60ml Pineapple Juice
20ml Maraschino (also mentioned in Grease) cherry syrup (from a jar of cocktail cherries)
Soda Water

Place the raspberries in a martini glass with the ice cube and pour over the schnapps.

The raspberries infuse slightly and make it go pink.

5 minutes later (if you can wait - I was busy cooking at the same time), add the remaining ingredients and stir gently.  Top up with soda water.  Serve.

It's quite sweet and fruity, just how I like my cocktails, with a little bit of fizz.  I love to munch on the soggy sour raspberries when I get to the end.

I also tried another version which is also nice...

Place the raspberries in the martini glass place everything else except the soda into a cocktail shaker, add more ice cubes and shake. Pour into the glass and top up with the soda.  This way gives you a frothy top like a French Martini and it's colder!  :D  I actually think I prefer this way but the other way is just as tasty if you don't have a shaker!

Before and after topping up with soda.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Peachy Keen, Jelly bean!

can't wait to be able to drink at the end of the month! x

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