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Pin It Do It - Tattoo Designs

by Bex

This isn't quite a PinItDoIt yet, it's more of a Pin It, Want to Do It but I really wanted to share it with you and get your thoughts.

I mentioned in the Liebster Award Meme that I want a tattoo.  I've always liked the idea of having one but until recently didn't have an idea of a design I liked enough to be stuck with it forever.  I also didn't have the confidence to go through with it yet and I'm still not 100% there but getting more so recently.  The thing is, Nik (and I think his family) are not at all keen on the idea.  Me and my family, however, are!  lol.

I'm not usually one to let what other people think stop me from doing something but when it's your husband, it does make you think a bit more.  The problem is, I think Nik hates the idea of it because of the associations of tattoos and some horrendous examples in the media.  I'm really not a fan of Cheryl's massive roses or thorns or any of them really, but each to their own.  They're not fashionable, but I would never do something so permanent just to be fashionable anyway so why should I let the fact it isn't fashionable put me off?  I'm not sure colourful tie-dye has been fashionable since the 80s either but I don't let that stop me, I love it!

I'm glad I didn't go through with my idea when I was younger (I was close when I was 18) as I'm sure I would have regretted the design as I probably would have chosen something like a tribal symbol which means nothing to me.  I remember my Mum suggesting a nice design of a tribal turtle she'd seen on a diving T-shirt a few years later and being tempted again, but still not keen enough to go ahead.  I am now much more keen and have the perfect idea.

Image from my Pinterest Tattoo Board

I really like delicate designs as opposed to traditional tattoo designs and would want mine to be subtle, unique, meaningful and in a place where people will only see it if and when I want them to.  My recent discovery of white ink tattoos has made me much more keen to get one done as they are beautiful, MUCH more subtle and a good compromise with Nik (I think).  They look a bit like very pretty scars.

Image from my Pinterest Tattoo Board

I have a Pinterest board (of course!) of designs I like.  Most of which I would never get anyway as some of them are pretty large but very cool!  Here are a couple of my favourites...

 Images from my Pinterest Tattoo Board

Anyway, while in Malaysia, I asked my very talented, artistic cousin, Georgia.  She's so good at drawing and I asked her to doodle me some designs based on my idea.  I love them and it makes me even more keen to go through with it but until I'm 100% decided and sure Nik won't leave me (!) it's still just an idea.  It's a little like my wedding dress chopping up idea, I really want to do it but am not quite ready to commit to something there's no going back from!

I particularly love the wing at the top

Do any of you have tattoos?  Are you thinking about getting one?  Are you the same as me and always wanted one but never quite got the courage up?  Or do you hate them?  Do you think they're tacky?  


Vics said...

I don't have a tattoo myself and don't plan on ever getting one, but most of my friends have at least one and some have full sleeves/back tattoos. I prefer the delicate colourful designs rather than the heavy black/blue style tattoos and one of my friends has a beautiful cherry blossom tattoo on her shoulder which is all pink, white and silver a bit like this one:
Also, despite not wanting one myself, I love watching Miami Ink and all the different reasons people get tattooed :)

aDizzyGirl said...

I have two tattoos in relatively discreet places - one on my hip and one on my foot. I got them both at the same time and each have different stories. I do still love them 9 years later, but the foot one does need some work as it's spread a little.

I really want another one, but can't decide on a design or a place to put it! I don't want one on my back, arms or legs and so I'm a little limited! Toying with the idea of a tiny one on my wrist that can be covered with a bracelet or watch. Or one on my rib cage, kind of under my arm? And I LOVE the white tattoos.

I do agree though that you have to be 100% certain - apparently laser removal hurts!

Unknown said...

I would really like a tattoo and have wanted one for about 14 years. What I wanted was three little stars like the artwork on the CD case for little pink stars by Radish. This was pretty meaningful for me in a lot more ways than I want need to go into but as stars are such a tattoo cliche now I feel weird getting them.

The other thing I am tempted by is a wave on my wrist. Nothing fancy just a line really, which would be easy to cover up with my watch.

Simple and delicate are my watchwords in all of this.

I'm also always tempted by song lyrics but then back off for a bunch of reasons.

Have you seen this music video? lots of tattoo ideas in there. I even remember when he got his Black Flag tattoo and people kept thinking it was a barcode!

Gwen - TheFoodieHistorian said...

I'm not a fan of tattoos (sorry!). My brother in law has a lot - about 7 or 8 I think, all with a story or meaning behind them, and while they look great and suit his lifestyle now, I'm not sure they will when he's 65 and overweight!
I'd agree that delicate and meaningful are the way forward with tattoos on women (in areas not likely to stretch!), so many of my friends got tribal and chinese ones 10 years ago that don't mean anything. The ones that people have stayed loving are the ones they are proud of!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have 1 tattoo which I got about a week before I was 18, a dragon on my hip and I still love it 11 years on. I plan to have 2 more for my girls the first being a meaningful lyric on the side/ribs and I have yet to decide on what for baby 2. I love them I think they are so personal and if you can love looking at it on your mirror etc for a month GET IT x

Bex said...

Vics - I used to watch Miami Ink too but haven't seen it for ages! The tattoo in that link is really pretty! I like colours too but heard they blur and fade more quickly and easily than black - I'm not sure about the white but heard it fades quickly too. I think I might like a tiny solid black dragonfly on my ribcage - somewhere only visible if I'm in a bikini.

D - I would only do it once 100% sure where I want it and exactly which design I want. I love the dragonfly ideas Georgia drew so much but also like the idea of tiny plain ones (starting with one which I'd hoped would represent a child that could be added to as our family grows). Also need to find someone I trust to do it like Amy said on Twitter!

Siobhan - it's a shame when things make you feel like you can't do them as they're 'cliche' or have connotations - I had thought I'd like one on my lower back for the same reasons above - hidden unless I want it on show but hate that back tattoos are known as 'tramp stamps'! The article Gemma sent me on Twitter was great!
Love that video and the song! Thanks :)

Gwen (no need to apologise! Everyone has different opinions and Nik's is the same as you) & Gem - thanks for opinions - I think I would love it forever as I now do have something meaningful with the dragonfly being the symbol from our wedding AND now the blog which is such a huge part of my life! It's like my scars I guess - I love showing them off and am proud of them and remember all their stories! They mark a point in time on my body - at least a tattoo would be a prettier one! :)

Also, I figure when I'm old and overweight and saggy - who's going to be seeing my body!? And if I'm still wearing bikinis then - go me! ;)

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