Monday, 12 August 2013

Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

by Bex

I'm kicking off my Malaysian posts with where we started, in a lovely hotel in Kuala Lumpur.  You're getting two posts today people since this one's not the most exciting but it is useful if you're thinking of visiting KL.  And check out those gorgeous flowers in the lobby!!  Anyway, come back at 12:30pm for my first holiday outfit post :)

For our two nights in KL, we found a great deal at the Shangri-La.  It wasn't cheap but for a very nice 5-star hotel it was very reasonable and we decided we deserved a treat :)  We'd been hoping to book Traders as I'd seen the view from the Skybar before and we'd heard it was an amazing hotel to stay in but we could only get a twin room for the same price as the Shangri-la.

Amazing floral display in the lobby

Gorgeous reception - note my lime case :)
The staff were lovely, so welcoming and efficient.  Nik was impressed by the tablets on reception to fill in your details at check in.

Even the lifts are pretty

Our room was lovely, a sort of 1/4 circle with a corridor, luggage area and bathroom.  I'm afraid the photos aren't great but I'm not tidying on my holiday so I took them when we arrived before the room gets messed up and this was pretty late after a very long journey.

The bed was SO comfy!

I love it when hotels have simple little details like fruit and this cute little bookmark...

Delicious mango and apple

We could just see the tops of the Petronas towers from our window but it wasn't worth a photo.  The hotel gardens and pool were though and we could see the tennis court which excited Bella for some reason!  :)

We explored the hotel the next morning and would have loved to stay longer to enjoy the pool, spa and other facilities but we had lots to see as it was Nik's first time in KL and had very little time there.

I thought these macaron frogs in the hotel cafe were weird but cute!

The sunbeds by the pool had buttons to call for service so you could properly relax and there was a sign advertising the sushi and cocktails!  They must have known I was coming ;)

It was in a great location, just a 5-10 minute walk to the Petronas Towers, park and Suria mall with a metro station nearby as well which was handy for getting back to Sentral train station for the rail link to the airport or other cities.

Very busy traffic outside the hotel!


Unknown said...

You must have loved getting there and seeing the green reception area? Right? Or am I just getting excited at home on your behalf?

Amanda M said...

LOVE the macaroon frog! Too cute!

Bex said...

No, Siobhan, you're right, I was loving all the green! :)

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