Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Summary

by Bex

I can't promise I'll be able to keep this up every week but I thought I'd do a roundup of posts with a quick peek at what's coming next week.  Basically because I thought it'd be fun to do and might be useful if you missed any posts in the week!  :)  Please let me know if you like it?

On Monday I got a few things off my chest about how IVF makes me feel along with a little advice on what to say to people going through similar difficult times.

Tuesday saw a very exciting announcement about plans for our next blog party - #ODP2!  We have plans for an epic Halloween fancy dress party!  (See my Halloween Pinterest board for hints.)  We're so excited so many of you want to come, we have 20 people interested and we absolutely cannot wait to see/meet you all!

On Wednesday I shared a super quick and easy quiche recipe for Pin It Do It which I made for the Glasgow Baking Club picnic.

I also shared an #ODCC update with details about the next craft club.  See the Craft Club page for information about how to join in the fun.

Roz shared her second outfit post on Thursday with a review of an event she went to with Lauren, Re:store, with lots of cake and jasmine tea.

It was another two post day on Friday when I shared my love of a good supermarket find and a few of my favourite pieces from the George at Asda range.

In the afternoon I hoped to inspire you all with a cocktail I invented, did any of you try it or make up your own recipe at home?

Next week is the start of my posts about my trip to Malaysia.  A whole week of Malaysia based posts for you to browse.  I asked what you were most interested to read about, and the answers ranged from "all of it" (thanks, that made me smile) to the food to the outfits.  I've tried to make the first week a good mix with a hotel review, outfits, Emmi, orangutans and some sushi.  There's even a Pin It want to Do It (Edit: Oops, that's next Wednesday - this Wednesday you're getting the Orangutans instead)!

Here's another couple of my favourites of the orangutans as a wee sneaky peek.

Itinban, age 3

Wulan, age 5

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Laura Valentine said...

Ooh how useful! I've been away on holiday all week and this was a brilliant way to see what I've missed. Thank you!

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