Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Summary

So this it rather late on a Sunday night but it's been a full on weekend here!  This is the first time I've actually sat down with the laptop!  On Friday night, Nik and I finally had an evening together after his marathon 9 days of long shifts and made tomato rice, chicken thighs with pesto and courgette ribbons - delish!  On Saturday Roz and B came round for dinner which I spent most of the day prepping for, making slow cooked lamb kleftiko and a semi-successful cake (it tasted pretty amazing but looked, erm... I think you'll just have to wait and see what happened).  Today, we had Sarah round for Sunday lunch but after a text from friends in the morning saying they were in Glasgow (from York and Dunblane), we invited them over too.  I popped out for another chicken and we ended up having a great little gathering of 7 this afternoon!

It's been a very lovely weekend and just what I needed but pretty tiring (the last minute guests hadn't been before and I do like to show off our flat to it's best when showing people round so we had a frantic morning sorting out long put off jobs to make the study and spare room presentable!  It feels so good to have those jobs done, I just needed the right motivation!) so after everyone left I laid down for a quick nap and woke up at 9pm!  Oops!!  Guess I'll be having a late night although I'm still pretty tired so hopefully I'll sleep OK.

Anyway, after a lovely dinner of leftover tomato rice mixed with pieces of chicken and lamb with gravy - trust me, it was good - I'm finally getting organised on the blog and sorting through emails!

So, this last week has been all about Malaysia, starting with where we stayed in KL, the lovely Shangri-La hotel.  I also shared a few of my holiday outfits while exploring the city.

On Tuesday, I wrote about meeting Emmi and catching up with Clare with plenty of super-cute pictures!

This Wednesday we skipped Pin It Do It to coo over the gorgeous baby orangutans at Rasa Ria Resort in Borneo.

I wrote about my travelling experiences with Emirates to and from Malaysia on Thursday, giving a quick review of all the films I watched on the plane along with my travelling outfits.

I squeezed in an extra post on Friday morning about my newfound love of Wallis.  I've found so many great pieces of clothing and accessories in there lately and I wanted to share my favourites, especially while they have a special discount promotion on!

Friday afternoon's post was all about our time exploring Kuala Lumpur, meeting up with Bella and Fiachra again and enjoying some amazing pick n mix sushi in the park.

This week coming, I'm sharing another hotel review, this time the wonderful beach resort where the orangutans live in the rainforest.  There's also some jet-skiing fun, a post about tattoos (intrigued? I'm looking for opinions!), a Splurge vs Save (of sorts) and what I think you're all dying to hear about - Roz's house update now she has the keys!  There are pictures galore people!!  :)

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