Tuesday, 24 September 2013

AOW Edinburgh Meet-up

by Bex

We're having a wee shuffle about today as Roz has been super busy with work and the house so you can hear all about the 2nd floor on Thursday when she's had a bit more time to write it ;)  Instead you're getting me today with some super cute pictures of the peas!

A few of us AOW readers in Scotland decided to meet up recently in Eteaket.  I think it was just coincidence that we're all AOWers.  Originally Roz was meeting up with Lara after work then more people joined in via Twitter and it changed to a weekend and I was invited along as well for afternoon tea and a catch up.  In the end Roz wasn't able to make it as she'd had a better offer ;)  I was excited to meet Ashleigh, Steff and Gwen (who it turned out I had met briefly at Blook Club before) and to catch up with Lara and Kirsty and of course to meet the super cute Peas (Steff's twin girls)!  I will warn you now, this is basically a post full of cute baby pictures!

Initially the Peas were a bit shell-shocked by their first AOW meet-up but we soon got smiles and cuddles :)

Smiles from Charlotte and a pout from Heather :)

 Just so it's not all babies - here's what we ate...

I had a slice of lemon & coconut cake which was OK but nothing amazing and pretty pricy with my bill being £6.40 for just that and a sparkling water.  Everyone else enjoyed some tea and massive scones with jam and clotted cream.

After cake it was time for cuddles and I was rather chuffed to get full on snuggles from Charlotte, even if she does look a little concerned!

 Both looking seriously cute!

Heather then showed off her trick of grabbing back her dummy when Mummy stole it!

 Soon it was time for them all to get wrapped up again and say goodbye.

"Uh, Mum this lady's STILL taking photos of me!"

"Yep, me too!"

They really didn't want to leave us :(
(Or I was just freaking them out too much with my camera!)
We had a fab time and after everyone else had to go, Gwen, Lara and I all wandered along to Anthropologie for a browse.  Sadly everything I liked was too expensive with the exception of these gorgeous coasters...

At £8 each they're still pretty steep for coasters but I plan to use them as wall art so I think they're quite a bargain!  I'm not sure which room they're going in yet but I love them and have attached hoops to hang them as a set.


Unknown said...

Was a fun afternoon, we should definitely do it again xox

Gwen - TheFoodieHistorian said...

Yes we should, it was lovely! Might not wear my glasses next time, seeing as they caused so much fear and confusion...!

Amanda M said...

They're seriously cute and I always like to see the redhead gene being passed on!

Lara said...

It was truly lovely to see you all :)

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