Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fabric Shopping in Borneo - Pin It Do It

by Bex

Instead of a normal Pin It Do It from us or someone else this morning, this is another "intend to do it" and not strictly from Pinterest although I have looked on there for ideas, some of which you can see below.

You know I love bright colours.  You know I love shopping.  You know I love making things.  

Shopping for fabric to make things in bright colours IS SO MUCH FUN!  

The fabric shop we go to in Borneo is called Jakel Silk House.  It's where I bought all the fabric to make our bridesmaids' dresses for the wedding (and a few other pieces including the fabric this maxi skirt was then made out of) and on our trip back to Borneo this time, we went back so Georgia could have a look as she's currently studying textile design at college.  Obviously this meant Mum and I could have a good browse too!  :)  I think we did well not to buy more as the fabrics are so beautiful, reasonably priced (so much cheaper than here) and there's such a great range of colours, patterns and types of material.  Literally three floors of choice, fabric piled high with roll upon roll of gorgeousness!  Oh to be a fashion designer and be able to do this as a career!

This time we managed to find the ultra-reduced corner where I found a huge roll of olive green jersey (below) for just £1 a meter!!  I bought 5m and plan to make palazzo pants, a vest and a maxi skirt/dress depending on how much I have left.

We did have quite a pile between us by the time we were finished (after about 2 hours or so!) much to Nik's distress!  Although we did spend quite a bit, we got a lot for our money AND as I like to point out, we're paying for a hobby and time well spent as well as the fabric and resulting clothing.  I really do enjoy sewing and get such a feeling of satisfaction and pride knowing I've made a garment myself.

Being waved off by the school girls outside.

Here are the fabrics I brought back and what I plan to make with each...

This would make a lovely maxi (dress or skirt) with the ombre effect.

This was actually one I bought last time I was in Borneo which I planned to make a sarong out of.  I think it looks a bit like starfish or octopuses.

This metallic one is just to make a cushion as I just loved it as a future room decor inspiration.
I'm thinking and Indian or Moroccan style with rich teals and golds.

This one would make a lovely blouse like this bug print blouse I own.

These twp will go together nicely to make a sundress like my green one I wore in Sorrento.

These two fabrics will make lovely A-line skirts
Image Source

This one was super cheap in the sale and I thought would make a nice summer maxi but now think it would be a fab pair of Pyjama bottoms or palazzo pants or a boho maxi dress.

I think this grey & green textured one would make a lovely shift dress or one like below...

Image Source

This one is also intended to be a boho maxi dress but would also make a nice floaty printed vest

Image Source                                                    Image Source

This chiffon one was only £1 a meter!  I have to admit this was the only one I didn't have a specific plan for when I bought it.  

This is another intended maxi skirt (also very cheap in the sale, I got Roz this in purple too!)

And my massive wodge of olive jersey for vests, maybe a skirt and definitely some comfy palazzo pants.

There's certainly plenty to keep me occupied over the next year or so!!  And I still have some screen printing fabric to make into things too.  Lots of sewing posts coming up I think!


Unknown said...

Oh wow I am jealous this all looks amazing! I love the pic of nik looking fed up, can just imagine Rodney in that situation! Looking forward to seeing what you make xox

Amanda M said...

I like the ombre best. And that maxi is gorgeous.

Love Nik's face - v expressive!

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