Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Flowers & Food

by Bex

This is another slightly random post.  Again, I had a few pictures I wanted to share but didn't feel they deserved their own full post so have combined them all here.  Basically it's just a few pretty pictures of flowers, fruit and some delicious platters I made during the summer.  These were all before we went to Malaysia after our 1st IVF cycle failed.  I bought myself the cheerful yellow ranunculuses (ranunculi?) and the beautiful Sweet Williams were a gift from Anne after I went home from work following the bad news.  

Doesn't jelly cheer everyone up?  Especially in the form of a heart!?  :)

1 comment:

Amanda M said...

Just LOVE those rununculas - so happy looking. And okay, the jelly too (mmmmm).

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