Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Glasgow Summer Sessions - Kings of Leon

by Roz

In August, B and I went along to one of the Summer Sessions in Bellahouston Park to see the Kings of Leon.  I've written about my love of music a few times on the blog and this year I've already been to see Lana del Rey and popped my King Tuts cherry, but KoL are one of my favourite ever bands.  This concert was kind of a big deal for me and it didn't disappoint :)

The weather, despite being lovely for the four weeks leading up to the concert(!), had been a bit dodgy looking with some rain the day before and a lot of rain during the day, in the photo below you can see a number of people walking towards the main stage with their hoods up as it was still raining when we arrived.  Thankfully it soon cleared up and stayed off for the whole of their set.

This was the first time I saw the band live and they were amazing!  I've missed out on tickets for two of their previous concerts in Scotland so snapped these tickets up in the pre-sale.  I'd never been to a gig in one of Glasgow's parks before and I wasn't really sure what it would be like.  Apart from the usual lack of portaloos, the set up was pretty good with the bar areas properly staffed, which meant the bar queues, despite looking massive, moved pretty quickly.

The set list was brilliant, they played all of their classic big hits such as Sex on Fire, Use Somebody and Molly Chambers, but also treated the crowd to some of their older songs including Holy Roller Novocaine, Fans and Arizona, and also played a few from their upcoming album Mechanical Bull which is out on 24th September.  I know I'm biased, as I already said they are one of my favourite bands, but it was a brilliant concert! 

I was impressed with how close to the front I managed to drag B!  He's quite happy at concerts to stay at the side or the back (near the bar!) but I love getting closer to the stage.  The crowd were also really chilled out, we chatted to a number of the people around us and although a lot of people seemed quite merry (or totally p!shed!) I didn't see anyone chuck a pint in to the crowd.

I took loads of pictures on my iphone throughout the night and the ones of B and I are so funny as it looks like I'm wearing three completely separate outfits as the night progresses as in each picture I'm wearing something different having stripped off yet another layer of clothing! Well, it gets warm when you are rocking it out in a field ;)

The encore was brilliant and topped off a great night :)  Did any of you guys make it along to see Kings of Leon or one of the other gigs at the Summer Sessions?  Next year Glasgow want to host a greater number of outdoor concerts in Glasgow's parks and with the Commonwealth Games in the city next year, it's shaping up to be a fabulous summer already!  I can't wait to hear who will be playing next year.

The encore was brilliant and topped off a great night :)

Roz xx

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Unknown said...

So glad you had fun - live music is one of the best things ever!

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