Friday, 20 September 2013

Review - Neo Tamarind, KL, Malaysia

by Bex

Following our adventure in Little India, finding our outfits and waiting to get mine adjusted to fit properly (it was an XXL so was taken in - a bit too far around the arm holes so we had to wait again for it to be unpicked and re-stitched) we were running ridiculously late for meeting up with Clare, Bella and respective hubbies for dinner!  After waiting what seemed like ages for a taxi to stop, then racing back to our hotel through horrendous traffic, worrying as we had no way to contact them, we made it about 10 minutes late so had to make a super quick change out of our sweaty clothes!  Luckily the restaurant was practically next door to our hotel so we didn't have to go far.

The back wall of this room was a  waterfall - how awesome would it be to hire this area for a private party!?

Neo Tamarind was a very stylish venue with water features, cool lighting and cosy corners.  We all sampled some of the interesting sounding cocktails while drooling over the menu.

My first cocktail was "Dark Clouds" - dark rum stewed with cherries to make a syrup which is then muddled with sugar, strained and shaken with ice and came with a cinnamon stick.  It was delicious!  Bella and Clare had "King of the Hill" which was also very tasty - lychee, cucumber and sugar crushed with gin, apple juice and lime.  Fiachra had a "Kentucky Shiraz Crusta" - a combination of bourbon infused with vanilla, red wine and orange.

We were brought some delicious fresh bread (one of which was pure black) with salsa and baba ganoush.

We also received some lovely amuse bouches of pureed melon with smoked duck, sounds weird and it was but also kinda nice.

I (and Bella and Andy) had the seared tuna to start which was absolutely perfect, I love salmon roe which pops in your mouth and it came with a delicious spicy soy sauce to drizzle over.

Fiachra had the foie gras which he assured me was delicious.

Clare had the asian beef noodle soup which looked very interesting.

And Nik had the salmon tartare which was yummy and came with avocado, quail's egg, salmon roe and a caperberry and a pipette of lime vodka!

 For mains, Bella had the salmon which looked fab.

I had the lamb cutlets with rosemary and garlic with pumpkin and a delicious mint red wine gravy.

The others all had steak which looked lovely but came with a very strongly flavoured sauce all over it which we weren't overly keen on (I obviously had a taste of Nik's!)  

I also tasted the whipped potatoes Bella ordered which were so soft and creamy with spring onions through them.

We also sampled some more cocktails as the first ones were so good!  Unfortunately my choice this time (Flip Lips - the cool name tricked me!  Blueberries muddled with Hennesy VSOP and a dash of cacao liqueur and chopped chilli, topped up with prosecco and rimmed with more chilli.  It was too spicy and not sweet enough for me.) wasn't great but luckily I have a wonderful husband who did like it and swapped with me :)  He had chosen the "Sage as a Pear" made with homemade cardamom & pear jam, vodka and vanilla liqueur muddled with sage, it was lovely!

I should have remembered to take a picture of our table before we messed it up!

View of the towers - we headed to Traders next for another cocktail with a better view!
(Which you can see this afternoon!)

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