Friday, 20 September 2013

Traders Skybar & Petronas Towers

by Bex

There's only one reason I go to the Skybar at Traders Hotel and pay £15 for an average cocktail.  The view.  It is awesome!

I highly recommend you reserve a table as we were very lucky to get a seat by the floor to ceiling windows so we were able to take decent photos and soak in the view.

The best seats are to the right

You can stand up on the seats (sans shoes of course) 

to take pictures over the top half where there is no glass.

What I didn't realise is that at 11.52pm (a random time so I'm guessing it's around midnight) all the lights on the towers would be switched off.  Luckily we got there about 10 minutes before that happened or we would have been very upset!  It was Nik, Bella and Fiachra's first time seeing the view from here so I was so glad they got to see it when it is properly spectacular all lit up!

I managed to find some interesting light and reflections inside though ;)

I always get SO nervous walking to and from those best seats by the windows as you have to walk along the edge of the pool.  I have no doubt people have fallen in before as there's just a two foot wide path between the seats and the water.  I always hold my camera up so if I were to fall in, it would stay dry!


M-J said...

We stayed in the Traders for part of our honeymoon, and I agree the view is IMMENSE! We didn't actually have drinks in the skybar as we got upgraded for being on honeymoon, and got free drinks and nibbles every evening for two hours in another bar on the floor or so below. The view was just as good, and we were so delighted by the free wine and snacks! I also felt a bit nervous about skirting round the pool in heels, though it is very pretty!

Anna, Oh yes! I like that. said...

When I went to Malaysia, they were still building these! xx

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