Friday, 11 October 2013

Another busy silence

by Bex

Things have gone a bit quiet around here again due to things being the opposite of quiet in life!  Both Roz and I have a lot going on which is great for future posts but leaves little time to write.  I am currently sat in our hotel room (while Nik is studying for his exam on Wednesday) in Warrington for my cousin Lisa's wedding tomorrow!  We drove down this afternoon (with a lovely car picnic consisting of mini mozzarella balls with sun-dried tomatoes and basil, mini sausages, olives, crisps, Flipz and of course, Percy Pigs!)

Lisa is one of my cousins on Dad's side and is absolutely lovely!  She also reads the blog and has texted me every time I've written something on here about our IVF to offer her support, I'm so looking forward to seeing her marry her equally lovely fiance!

I of course have a fab outfit planned (in very autumnal colours) which I'll obviously be sharing on Instagram as usual ;) and am enjoying being away from home for a bit.  I haven't felt much like writing lately but have some fab posts lined up once I get back into it!  I also went for my first haircut in 6 months today before we left!  I can't believe I left it that long but since I'm not bothering with colouring it any more and it's been way down my list of priorities, I've just been tying it back and ignoring it mostly!  I'm really pleased with my long bob and it does feel good to have made a bit of an effort for once!  Thanks to Amy at Kano for such a fab cut and a good old chat about allsorts!

So, what else have I been up to lately?  I'm sure you'll end up hearing about these things in a bit more detail but I had a lovely spa day with Mum yesterday at Mar Hall.

I wore my cosy poncho again and Nik, Dad, Mum and I tried out Burger Meats Bun for the first time on Wednesday, followed by some cocktails in Bungo.  (Where I also aquired a FAB bottle for my 'Poison Bar' at Halloween!)

There have been a few shopping trips with Mum so I think I'll do a wee shopping post to share some things I bought (and didn't buy but love).

Another Baking Club meeting took place so I'm looking forward to writing that up!

And lots of other things including many a crafting session for Halloween and a spot of sewing (I'm making some pyjama bottoms and have made a start on my Christmas bunting - the Halloween bunting gave me the bug!)

Toilet roll tubes with scary eyes cut out and a glow stick inside

I also have a couple of recipes to share including a fab soup recipe for which I was sent a gorgeous wee hamper of ingredients (and those meringues above which I was very pleased with as my first attempt!)

And a couple of reviews of some lovely eateries!  Stay tuned ;)  xx

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