Thursday, 3 October 2013

Kota Kinabalu

After our 2 days in KL, we went to Mum and Dad's house in Port Dickson, had an amazing home-cooked meal (chilli and salad) while catching up with everyone (my uncle and his family were there too and we don't often get to see them, in fact the last time was at our wedding!)

It was lovely to see everyone and get settled in, before re-packing to leave for Borneo the next day!!

The next 2 photos were taken from the other side of the plane by Dad who insisted he get his credit...

KK, Photo by Graham

KK, Photo by Graham

Our rooms weren't ready when we arrived so some of the guys went for a wander and the rest of us went to the pool bar for something to eat while we waited.

Georgia and I shared a seriously cheesy burger!

Alyson and Mum sharing fish & chips, lol

That evening we had an awesome view of a beautiful sunset from our hotel.

Not long after sundown, we headed across to the water for dinner at an Australian restaurant.  We just wanted something quick as we were all tired from so much travelling and late nights.  The lager tower went down very well with Uncle G!

Some of us (me) stuck to fruity cocktails :)


Quickly going down

And down...

Roast pork & onions with salad and apple sauce

We then had a quick wander around the food market opposite our hotel on the docks.

Teenie tiny limes (I think)

Teenie tiny chillies

Next to the food market is an indoor craft market and outside are a dozen or so sewing machines with lots of men busy sewing late into the evening.  The area was pretty busy even though it was late as it was Ramadan while we were there.

We had a mini photo shoot outside the hotel while waiting for Alex and Dad who went off to buy some "Raybans".

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Unknown said...

It all looks fabulous but what I really want to say is how gorgeous you are in that picture!

I know, sorry, not that point of your post but hey - that's what struck me!

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