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Bread Meats Bread - a review

by Bex

I wasn't planning on writing a review about this meal as Roz had already written about Bread Meats Bread when she tried their food on the launch night (I was working late so sadly couldn't make it), however, having just returned home after eating there for the first time, I had to as we all enjoyed it so much!  You know I've had a good meal when I can't wait to write about it.  Luckily I also had my big camera with me so I'm pretty pleased with the photos too.

Roz mentioned in her previous review that she had loved all the food she tried at the launch but the following day she was somewhat disappointed but put it down to opening day hiccups.  When she recently tried them again for lunch, her burger was raw in the middle along with others ordered by her workmates.  She returned them and despite them explaining they often cook their burgers pink in the middle, they did agree that they were too undercooked, which is especially not good for someone who's pregnant.  They apologised and gave her a voucher for the 4 of them to come back and try the food again.  They have also changed the way they take orders for the burgers, asking how you want it cooked when you order, like steak so no-one is ever disappointed with an over or under cooked burger.  Roz's colleagues were unable to return so she asked Nik and I instead so we went along with her and B this evening and we were offered anything we wanted off the menu.  After our own recent burger disappointment, we were so glad to find this experience a much more pleasant one.

I have to admit, I wasn't sure about the place when we first arrived.  We were seated at a big communal table in the centre of the room (I always feel a bit self conscious on tables like these) and Roz was very uncomfortable perched on a stool at 20 weeks pregnant but we were soon moved to a booth when one became available, before our food came.  The place doesn't have a license yet but you can take your own alcohol in although we weren't too bothered, Roz being pregnant and me on a diet (ha, in a burger joint!).

Anyway, despite my current health plan and watching my calorie intake, I decided just to order what I wanted and enjoy it.  Enjoy it I did!  We received some wee tasters of the pulled pork and brisket (both smoked in house) while waiting for our food and they were both lovely but the brisket in particular was AMAZING!  We all agreed it tasted the best, it was so juicy and tender with the most wonderful flavour.

The guys and I all ordered the Black & Blue burger, aged beef with smoked bacon and blue cheese in a brioche bun.  Roz had the Classic Black.  We also tried the Poutine (£4), basically chips with cheese & gravy - I had the original one with curds but with the extra topping of porchetta crackling (£5) (I told you the diet was off this evening!), Roz and B had the one with Scottish cheddar (Glaspoutine) and Nik had plain chips (£2).  I am a HUGE fan of Poutine.  They actually didn't have any crackling left so just added porchetta instead, it was divine!  Nik loved the plain chips too and B commented on how meaty and thick the gravy was.

My burger was cooked to my liking, not pink but not cremated - still nice and juicy and the beef was full of flavour.  The blue cheese was a great addition, nice and strong but not overpowering.  The burgers are very good value for money, they range from £5 for a classic basic beef burger to £13 for a fancy lobster surf & turf.  The Black & Blue is £9 and so big I could only manage half!  (They wrapped the other half up for me so that's lunch tomorrow sorted!)  The Poutine is also a massive portion - a meal in itself, especially with the pork added!  I loved the gravy so much, I was even dunking my burger in it and B did the same when he finished off Roz's burger!!  :)

The burgers are served in baskets with paper which I'm not a fan of but I managed fine without making a mess.  We also ordered the coleslaw (£1.50 for a generous portion) to try after I spotted someone else enjoying it when we came in.  It was extremely nice coleslaw with a lot of red cabbage and not too much sauce - lovely.

We were all utterly stuffed by the end of our main courses although I was tempted to try a cronut which I'd heard a lot about as the new baking craze but they no longer do them as they weren't happy with how they were turning out.  I'd much rather something wasn't on offer than receive a poor version so I'm glad they've taken it off the menu.  They now offer a daily dessert instead and today's was chocolate brownie (£3).  We initially weren't going to bother as we were so full but I really wanted a wee taste so convinced Nik we could just get one to share.  In the end, we all had a bit as it was SO good, served chopped up and really hot in a cup with ice cream - it was the perfect consistency, deliciously chewy & stodgy with the odd crispy bit and big chunks of chocolate.  I might have exploded but I could have eaten the whole thing myself, it was delish!

The place itself is nicely designed, although I'm not a fan of communal tables, the rest around the edge of the restaurant are booths or bar style next to large windows.  I was worried that might be off putting with everyone walking past in a busy area of town looking in but we actually enjoyed looking out - there seemed to be an abundance of male groups all wearing Christmas jumpers!  I never felt like anyone was watching me eat.  The tables appear to be made out of old crates and look great with little cubbies in the end of the benches with cute cows, pigs and chickens inside, obviously I loved the green pepper mill as well!  We all loved the massive cow on the wall and the neon sign and we found the benches very comfortable.  You can see pictures showing the overall layout and decor in Roz's post.

The staff were all very friendly and we felt very well looked after, they obviously cared that we had a nice time after Roz's recent disappointment.  We were told we didn't even have to pay for our drinks and we expressed how impressed we were our meal and how they handled Roz's complaint.  They explained how they want their customers to feel like guests and be happy with their meal, it's reassuring to know they really care that their food is enjoyed every time.  Nik and I both agreed we will definitely be going back again and next time I will be having the brisket sandwich!

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