Wednesday, 15 January 2014

January Joy - Make a fitness target

by Bex

Being entirely honest, I'm not having much success with my fitness at the moment.  Getting back into my exercise routine has been very difficult since Christmas.  I could come up with a number of excuses but basically I'm just lacking in motivation at the moment.  I'm currently quite content being cosy at home, enjoying reading (I can't believe I've never read Pride & Prejudice before!  I will probably have finished it by the time you read this), making recipes with Nik, writing for the blog and watching films in the evenings.  I'm quite happy with how I look and feel at the moment, especially since all my horrible bowel related symptoms disappeared after my colonoscopy and polypectomy.  :)

Less bloated and loving my sequins :)

I'm still keeping an eye on my weight though and making sure it doesn't sneak up past 185 lbs again (It's currently 184) so I am watching what I eat.  I reckon when January is over and hopefully all this horrible, cold rain stops I will definitely start walking to work again (I even enjoy walking in the snow, it's just the rain that puts me off) and hopefully get my motivation back in time to get fit for spring!  Also, it bugs me when the pool & gym are so busy in January, I prefer to wait for it to calm down a bit!  I actually have a reunion in March which I'd like to be a bit more toned for so I feel confident in my dress so that will hopefully motivate me enough to get back into swimming in February  :)

Anyway, since that's kind of on the back burner for now, I'm going to tell you about some of the recipes I've been loving recently.  I listed a few recipes the other day and have already made 3 of them which are fairly healthy - the venison steak, five-spice, soy & lemon roast chicken and cider, mustard & herb chicken.  I'll be sharing the recipes over the next couple of weeks as we adjusted some of them and absolutely loved them.  We'll definitely make them all again!  I also have quite a few recipes I made over Christmas to finish writing up for the blog so for those of you who asked about the strudel and cheesy dip recipes, don't worry - they are coming!  :)

This afternoon I am sharing the cider chicken recipe which we also made into a pie, delish!

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