Thursday, 1 May 2014

Yelp's Gallery of Glasgow

by Bex & Roz

Roz will be writing most of this post as I am sadly not going to be back from Thailand in time to attend the opening of Yelp's Gallery of Glasgow at Ubiquitous Chip!  :(  I am, however, delighted to have had 14 of my images chosen to be in the gallery!  Yay!  :)

Here are the ones which will feature as part of the exhibition which will be on show at Ubiquitous Chip (and available for sale to raise funds for Women's Aid) for the next few weeks:

I'm sure the opening event will be a great success knowing Briony and I bet Roz will have a blast. Here she is with the full report:

Hey Bex thanks for the intro, sorry that this post took so long for me to write, I had trouble uploading the pictures from the evening and then with all the pregnancy tiredness just didn't feel like writing blog posts.  But I had to write up this event before Baby Star arrives as it was so much fun!  And seeing so many of Bex's photos on the walls was fab, I even featured in two of them :)

The picture below is a quick selfie before heading to the event, bump is pretty big and not a lot of nice clothes are fitting comfortably so I was delighted when this blue maxi fitted under bump and worked with the flip flops I need to wear with my swollen feet.

I was really looking forward to seeing the Gallery of Glasgow photos in the flesh but the event at The Chip was even better than I expected. There were free cocktails from Aperol and Wild Turkey which B enjoyed, delightful canap├ęs (including a very morish brownie, that I may have had a few of!) and those wonderfully framed prints. It was such a busy event and lovely to chat to so many Yelpers, everyone was loving the event and the photos selected for the gallery were a brilliant cross section of Glasgow life.

This is one of Bex's photos on the wall, a yummy pepperoni pizza from Munro's birthday party evening - that's my hand stealing a slice!

I did find it a bit tricky to get photos of the framed prints, it was such a glorious evening and the private area in the loft of the Chip that we were in has fantastic sky lights along the roof.  These were thankfully open and kept the temperature to an acceptable level for me but they also flooded the area with light and I kept getting reflections off the glass. 

This was the first Yelp event I attended since becoming an Elite Yelper and it meant I got my very own lanyard instead of a stick on name badge, it was exciting!

A rather blurry shot of one of the wild turkey cocktails that B loved so much.

The lovely Briony, who is the Glasgow Community Manager for Yelp, and organised the event brought along these baby grows for Baby Star :)   

Anyone recognise the beautiful lady in the photo below (top left)??  That pic was snapped at ODP 2 in November at Malaga Tapas and the picture of the champagne and strawberries on the bottom left is another of Bex's pictures.  This one actually won a prize on the night - well done Bex!  It was selected by the judges to win the "Bottoms Up" award.  I think it's a fab picture and really makes me want a glass of chilled bubbles.

All of the 76 prints on display at the Chip, until 4th May, are available to purchase for £10.  All of the money raised from the sale of the prints goes direct to Glasgow Women's Aid, so not only do you get to buy a unique snap capturing a little slice of Glasgow life, you get to help out a great charity operating in the heart of the city.

I highly recommend you head along to Ubiquitous Chip and check out the photos before they are no longer on display. 

 Roz xx


Unknown said...

It looks like a fab night - love those baby gros for baby star too!

Unknown said...

I didn't know I was in one if these pictures!

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