Sunday, 8 June 2014

My maternity style so far

by Bex

So I've already started buying maternity clothes for my rapidly expanding twin bump - SO exciting!

I bought a few basic bits from H&M first, my favourite being this loose summer top:

Top - £7.99, H&M

12 week bump

Bump from above, it sticks out more on the right, bowels I suspect!

I then bought some more bits from Mothercare (a few of the things I liked weren't in store in my size so I also ordered some online with free delivery)...

Skinny Overbump Jeans - £30, Mothercare

Star Print top - £20, Mothercare

This outfit was instantly so comfy, I couldn't wait to wear it!  The top is also ingenious as it has the panel behind the V neck which folds to the middle and the V neck can be moved to the side to give super easy access for breast feeding as well as being discreet.  It's such soft fabric as well, I love it!

14 week bump

They didn't have any bootcut jeans long enough for me in store so I ordered some of the longer length online as well and they fit perfectly!  Weirdly I was a size 14 in the skinny jeans and a 16 in the boot cut jeans and both fit very comfortably with a bit of stretch in the denim as well as the bump band.

Bootleg Long Overbump Jeans - £30, Mothercare

They look fab with my gorgeous new polka dot top which shows off the bump wonderfully and is SO comfy and a bit smarter too...

Spotted Tie Back Top - £22Mothercare

14 week bump

I've also bought some leggings from New Look and a couple more tops but haven't had a chance to try them all on yet.  I also have a swimming costume from Mothercare I've yet to try as I can't wait to feel better enough to get back into swimming!

Mothercare's sleep bras are super comfortable as well!  So much so I've been wearing them day and night.  They are often visible above my vests as they have a higher neckline but just look like another vest layered underneath.

Sleep Bras, pack of 2 - £20, Mothercare

As soon as I returned from Thailand, just 7 weeks pregnant, I was desperate for new bras.  Mine were already too small and uncomfortable.  I went to John Lewis knowing they are usually excellent for service and choice.  Unfortunately I was severely disappointed after an unpleasant experience being served by a very brusk woman who informed me there was only one choice of bra (in either black, white or nude) without wires which she said I needed as I am pregnant. (I've heard wires can block milk ducts although I'm not sure it's essential to avoid them at just 7 weeks but I figured wireless might be more comfortable anyway.)  The bra I tried, in several sizes as I found them all uncomfortable, was very ugly and generally just didn't fit me well at all.  It was either too tight or the cups were wrong or the sides came up rubbing under and in front of my arms.  I was quite glad to leave empty handed as the whole experience, my first pregnancy shopping, was just awful.

Luckily I had more luck in M&S, they had DOZENS of wireless bras in all kinds of styles and even a few colour options.  Having been measured I took a handful of the size I'd been told at JL (38E up from my usual 36B) and tried them all on.  Some were more comfortable than others and some fitted differently and I had to try a few sizes again but eventually left with a very comfortable and actually quite pretty black one in a 38C.

Lace non-wired bra - £16, M&S

Overall I'm doing pretty well at finding clothes I like which are also comfortable and fit the bump.  I've also still managed to wear a few of my older clothes comfortably as well.   This dress below was from Joy many years ago and has always been very flattering but actually fits the bump quite well.  It was a little tight across my chest but was perfect for the Humanist naming ceremony of our friends' baby who we were chosen to be Guide Parents for.  (Like Godparents but without the religion.)

13 week bump

This jersey maxi dress from Desigual stretched perfectly over my wee bump and is still long enough with flats...

13 week bump

And just incase you can't remember how it all started, here's me trying to suck my tummy in just after we returned from Thailand...

7 week belly
As you can see, no longer successful in the illusion of a flat belly!


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Aww you look lovely Bex!

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You are looking lovely x

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