Saturday, 21 June 2014

Week 16

by Bex

So, for the last 3 days I haven't taken my Ondansetron and I'm still feeling good.  Other than a bout of vomiting on Monday when I woke feeling terrible, I have now not been sick for about 3 weeks, hoorah!  Evenings still require regular feeding to avoid feeling a bit rough but I am finding it SO much easier to cope.  Yay.

I'm feeling a bit less stressed at the moment as well, we've found another house we really like the look of and Nik's heading down on his day off this Tuesday to view it and 5 other potentials.  All chain free or with people we know are willing to vacate!  Fingers crossed we like one and they accept what we can offer!  Since you've all proved to be magical in the past in wishing us luck with these embryos sticking, if you can spare any more to cross your fingers for us finding a house I'd be so grateful.  And of course, you'll all be invited round for cake after we move ;)

The house we are hoping to buy now is situated in a wee village near Uckfield.  It has a local shop/post office and a pub within walking distance and is just a short (5-8 min) drive to town/swimming pool/train station.  Commuting wise it's good for all of Nik's hospitals and I'd be able to get to London Bridge within an hour or so on the train.  It's about 40 mins drive from Gatwick and 70-90 mins drive from Heathrow depending on traffic.  I'm hoping it's not too isolated for friends from London to visit as with the twins in the back of the car I'd only be able to collect one person at a time from the train station!  Fingers crossed for some lovely local people to make friends with.  It'll certainly be different to what I'm used to staying in Glasgow with so many amenities on our doorstep and with friends in easy reach via various forms of transport.  The thing is, life will be so different when the babies arrive anyway, I might not have time to miss any of that!

As I mentioned the other day (wait, that was just Thursday I wrote that, I must be feeling better if I'm blogging more often again!), my bump is really growing now, the babies are now the size of avocados and my belly button is looking weird!  Nik notices the difference every day when he gets home, he's amazed at how quickly I'm expanding!  Hehe.

Maxi dress from Primark, Dinny Hall pendant from in-laws, belt from HoF

Today, while Nik is sleeping off his busy night shift, I am having a lovely relaxing lazy Saturday with tasty treats and some TV time.  I'll be popping out later so will get a bit of sun when I head to Sarah's to water her lettuces while she's in London for #BritMumsLive.

Bacon roll in bed this morning and carrot cake (with strawberries for balance)  ;)

I'm currently researching spa days as well for a proper chill out day/catch up with Vikki before we both move from Scotland, her to Liverpool and me to Sussex.  She's currently in Aberdeen so we already struggle to meet up regularly, lord knows how we'll manage once the twins arrive AND we're even further apart!  We will though :)

How far along: 16+6 weeks

Size comparison: avocados (turnips tomorrow!)

Weight gain: -6lbs (up from -8lbs), starting to put weight on finally, slowly which is a good thing.  Weirdly my cellulite seems to have improved on my thighs and my side muffin top has either reduced (or been stretched forwards!), hehe.  I've also started feeling up for exercise this week which has helped with other symptoms.  I've been swimming and to aquanatal class both of which felt great.

Cravings: apples (Jazz are the best) but only in the evenings!  I'm also drinking gallons of milk, morning, noon and night!  As well as the apples, my diet has improved greatly at last!  I'm generally eating a lot healthier now (other than today's examples of course!) and loving it.

Symptoms: a few aches and pains, my back gets a bit sore after sleeping but that could also be due to the stress lately.  Also I'm planning on getting one of those big pillows to support the bump now it's getting bigger.  My nausea is almost gone, tiredness is much improved (I can actually stay up in the evenings now) and since my diet has improved my constipation has eased, thank goodness!
Bump is looking pretty cool and I've been buying a few more bits and pieces to wear so I'm comfortable.  I've also been loaned some maternity pieces by Roz and Sarah so I'm not having to spend too much :)  H&M is definitely one of my faves for cheap, stylish maternity clothing!

Things for babies:  We've finally been able to go and have a look at some prams/pushchairs but sadly the place we went to had hundreds of choices except the two we most wanted to see.  The options for twins was quite rubbish, the only one they had that we were interested in was the Bugaboo Donkey (probably THE most expensive option!).  All of their tandem options had the babies very much squished on top or in front of each other meaning one is very blocked in which we don't like.  If we can't see the Obaby Zoom in real life somewhere or we don't find another option, we'd probably go for this one in petrol blue and off white (regardless of sex):

Hopefully we'd be able to get the base and chassis on ebay or something because by the time you add the carrycots, seats and car seats with adaptor it's pretty pricey!

Last weekend when I was feeling down about house stress and worrying about everything, we popped into Mothercare to return some clothes which didn't fit and I spotted these adorable baby bodysuits...

£8 for two happy rainbow bodysuits :)

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll have seen that a rainbow theme is one of our options for the nursery :)  Since I'd had such a crappy day, Nik let me buy them, even though we're not buying any baby things yet since we're moving!  I love them!


Unknown said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better!

Have you thought about joining TAMBA? They will be able to help you find other twin mum's in the area. And I'm sure through the power of Twitter, you will have made a new chum or two before you've even moved.

I've seen the obaby in real life, and it truly is a beast - my friend can't really take it on public transport or to the shops. Another chum has the donkey and she loves it. Fab colours choices you have there too!

Unknown said...

Those are so cute!

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