Thursday, 24 July 2014

Busy times

by Bex

I was planning on making this week on the blog baby free after last week's baby overload!  As it happens, I've just been too busy to write anything and then when we got a fright on Wednesday, it was one of those things I just had to write about at the time.

Today is just as busy but I'm taking a few minutes to watch the end of last night's opening ceremony (as I had to go to bed and apparently missed the best bits, although the fireworks did wake me up - crikey!) so I have time to write a wee update as I'm excited about lots of things at the moment!  I now have only 3 weeks left at work before I go on annual leave (not my choice but it's working out well anyway as I am finding I'm getting more and more pain from working as well as being extra tired) prior to starting maternity leave in September at the earliest possible time.  It's then only 2 more weeks until we get the new house!  It's all happening so fast!!

Until then, my time is filling up pretty fast too.  This weekend we are heading down to the lake district for Nik's brother's 30th birthday celebrations.  As our Christmas gift for last year, my in-laws have paid for us all to stay and dine at L'Enclume in Cartmel, so exciting!  (And I am SO GLAD I have my normal appetite back and am finally able to eat a variety of things again.)  In preparation for this, while Nik sleeps off his last night shift, I will be getting the last facial I saved up from my wedding facial package followed by my first hair cut in 9 months.  My grey hairs have now almost reached bob length after I stopped colouring it 15 months ago (my hair grows pretty slowly) so I will be getting it trimmed right back to almost this level - basically as long as I can still tie it back so I don't have to worry about it when the babies arrive!  (Pics to follow, obviously!)

I'm also extremely excited that I have booked a bump photo shoot!  I always said how much I longed to be able to celebrate my bump in this way and record it in some beautiful photos.  Next week I am taking part in a shoot with the talented Lauren McGlynn.  Since meeting her at Blook Club last year, I've followed her on Twitter and seen all of the lovely weddings she has photographed so beautifully.  When asking Twitter who I should book with, she was the first to be recommended to me and I'm happy to say, we've got a date arranged to take some photos with Nik in the park where we got married!  I was always a little bit disappointed with the portraits of us in our park (my favourite is actually a screen grab from our wedding video) and I can't wait to have some beautiful photos of this next stage in our lives taken under those very same trees, hopefully in some beautiful light (please weather).  After everything, it certainly trumps our wedding day!

Image Source via Pinterest

Another photographer recommended to me was Louise Mallan.  As much as I would love multiple bump shoots while I'm feeling great and the bump is looking good, we just can't afford it at the moment.  With all the twin expenses, moving home and other outlays right now (why are all the car things always due at once?), cash is getting rather tight so I can't justify another shoot, even if it would give me a different selection of photos of another style.  Luckily for me however, Louise has offered to take some photos free of charge to expand her maternity portfolio in exchange for sharing them with you all here, which I am delighted to do!  We're meeting up tonight (which also means I can get some photos before all my hair is chopped off, I'm thinking top knot) and I can't wait!

Image Sources: Left and Right both via Pinterest

More of my fave maternity shots below:

Image sources: Left and Right both via Pinterest

Image Source via Pinterest

Another weekend I am looking forward to is in the middle of August, just after I finish work.  Nik will be back up for the weekend from his new job and we're arranging goodbye drinks with all of our friends up here (and anyone else who wishes to travel to join us) and on the same day we have booked a 3D/4D scan at 25 weeks (well 24+6).  I want to be able to do as many pregnancy related special things as possible to really make the most of this time.  Having wanted to be pregnant for so long, it's really so much fun to be able to book all these things and record as much of this time as possible.  The package we've booked includes 10-20 minutes of scanning, a 5-10 minute DVD movie of our babies, a CD of photos and a 6 A4 prints.  Not bad for £89 at Baby Scanning Glasgow.

I better go and carry on with all the admin and sorting I've to get through before I start making wardrobe choices for this evening!  Wish me luck ;)

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