Friday, 15 August 2014

Growth Scan - Twin update

by Bex

Since Nik is already down in Brighton, he couldn't be at our latest scan.  As we're having twins, we now get regular scans (currently every 4 weeks) to check their growth followed by my usual check up at the twin clinic.  Instead of going alone this time, the lovely Roz said she'd come with me :)

We had a bit of a wait in the boiling hot ultrasound dept whilst they dealt with a problem with somebody else but Aaron was very well behaved throughout :)  When we were eventually taken through to the scanning room we got some great views of the babies as they were measured.  Since Nik couldn't be there she gave me some photos to send him although I got the impression that they don't usually give out photos at these scans.  (There's a bit of a pink cast to these images below - I think it must have been the lighting when I took snaps of the pictures but I'm tired now so I'm not doing it again!)

Daughter has a bit of a pout going on again!

As soon as the scan started we saw baby girl giving a big yawn and sticking her tongue out!  The midwife managed to capture a picture although it's not very clear but you can see she's got her head back and her lower jaw is wide open.  Her face is all smooshed up against the placenta/wall of uterus though so it's hard to make out the rest of her face but we saw it really clearly on the live screen!!

Everything was measuring perfectly spot on for their size (she's measuring a day smaller than him) and they have plenty of fluid around them (as evidenced by my nice round bump) and at the moment he's head down and since he's the lowest one (twin 1), if he stays that way I should be able to try for a normal delivery no matter which way she's facing by the end.

It's been a bit chilly recently!
Wooly poncho is a godsend now none of my coats do up!

As usual, it was amazing being able to see them again, I'm gutted Nik missed out this time but that's one of the reasons we have a 3D scan booked for this Saturday while he's up for the weekend!  The in-laws are coming up too as we're also having a leaving do to say goodbye to Glasgow so they'll get to come with us for the scan, we're all so excited!

How far along: 24+5 weeks

Size comparison: ears of corn, a whopping 30cm long now apparently!

Weight gain: +4 lbs, not much considering the babies probably weigh that much now!

Cravings: I seem to have a much sweeter tooth than usual.  I'm still obsessed with the flat peaches and crumbles are still a favourite too!  I did my first baking in months this evening and made a rhubarb & apple one which was delish - recipe to follow next week!  I did also have macaroni cheese for dessert recently when I was still hungry while out for dinner with Lara.  Pregnancy can be a great excuse sometimes!  ;)

Symptoms: sore back and hips but since it's my last day at work today I'm hoping that might ease off a bit!  Belly button is now huge!  Still no stretch marks thank goodness although I'm sure they'll be unavoidable eventually - I've seen too many massive twin bumps to be deluded about that although I'm still bio oiling up regularly!

Things for babies: a very sweet 81 year old patient gave me 50p for each baby at his last appointment and explained the tradition (which according to Instagram quite a few of you have heard of but a few others, like me, hadn't) of placing the silver in their hands when they are born for good luck.  How lovely of him!  I got quite emotional :)  I've been very good now it's so close to the move and although I've been pinning allsorts I haven't bought anything else for babies recently (although I did have a fun wee spree for gifts as I had a lot of catching up to do on recent birth giftings!!)

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