Saturday, 30 August 2014

In the paper!

by Bex

Lots of exciting stuff is happening today people, not only are we spending our first full day in our new house (Eeeep!  You can follow me on instagram for inevitable house updates!) but I'm also being featured in an article written by Michelle about how writing openly about IVF on my blog and my lovely readers helped me cope throughout our horrendous experience over the last couple of years, complete with happy ending of course!

Then & Now
(Unfortunately Nik was working nights when I had my maternity shoot with Louise in our wedding park.)

Some of you may know Michelle as the ex-editor of SWD magazine and I got to know her when our wedding was featured in it back in 2011 and via Gemma who also used to work there.  Anyway, Michelle got in touch with me a few weeks ago to ask if I'd be interested in an interview to discuss the IVF, the blog and my readers now that we're pregnant.  Of course, any excuse for a chinwag over dinner, I was happy to chat about it.  I've always said how I wish it was easier for people to talk about subjects like IVF openly and I truly believe I would have coped much worse without the support I received here after each and every devastating disappointment.  Thank you again you lovely people!  Don't forget to run out and buy the Daily Record today if you fancy reading Michelle's article!

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Unknown said...

Just read it online - good on you for sharing on a national level xxx

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