Sunday, 3 August 2014

Week 23 update

by Bex

You may have noticed things have been much more fun around here recently.  I am feeling great these days and pretty much back to eating normally, the babies are even letting me eat spicy things again!  Yay!  I've been making the most of it over the last couple of weekends enjoying lots of foodie treats at Cartmel, including a 20 odd course meal at L'Enclume for my brother-in-law's birthday (the weekend was our Christmas present from MIL & FIL!) and then a couple of meals out while Mahj was up for The Games this weekend and I've even enjoyed my old favourite Lamb Bhuna from Kebabish recently!  Obviously these will all be featured on the blog in more detail soon, especially L'Enclume, it was amazing!!

Anyway, I'm still struggling with work and if I try to walk too far as my hips are still quite sore and I do get tired easily but other than that (and being particularly uncomfortable when trying to put on socks!), I'm feeling pretty normal.  The babies are almost constantly kicking up a storm!  I still feel baby boy much more than baby girl but now that we know shes much more tucked in behind her placenta I am not worried, I'm just glad I do feel her again from time to time.  They're obviously getting stronger and I love watching the quick little bumps appearing on my belly when baby boy does some major squirming!  I don't know if he likes it or not but he definitely reacts to some of the noisy equipment from work now too which makes it much more fun for me when I'm doing a scaling and I can feel him dancing around!

How far along: 23 weeks today

Size comparison: large mangoes!

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Weight gain: +3.6 lbs  I've finally put on weight over what I weighed when I first became pregnant, before all the awful nausea and sickness.  Given the size of my bump now, I still think it's all babies and their surroundings, everything else still fits me the same on the rest of my body (excluding my chest too obviously) so I'm pretty pleased so far with how my body is changing.

Cravings: Still obsessed with the flat peaches!

Symptoms: Hunger - I'm much hungrier these days and enjoying having my appetite back!
My sore hips are much the same, especially bad after work but only 2 weeks to go there, thank goodness!
Tiredness - regular naps are needed, especially after epic meals like I've been enjoying recently.
Kicking - I'm feeling the babies LOADS more these days and everyone last weekend was able to feel them too which was great - I loved their reactions when they felt baby boy properly kicking :)
Bump - I'm already feeling massive now and absolutely loving my bump.  Slightly scared of just how big it's going to get but I love when people notice it now (a lot of my patients still don't until I say I'm leaving and they ask why, I have to point it out!)  

Things for babies: I'm still trying to be good about not buying things as it's not long 'til we move now but in the last 3 weeks since my last update there have been a few small purchases, all Nik approved so no sulky husband ;)  I blogged about my awesome changing bag from T K Maxx and I also bought a few wee small bits there - a couple of soft toys and cute blankets.  We also received a super cute gift from one of the nurses at Nik's hospital yesterday.  She knitted the twins some cardigans and bought some cute little hangers and knitted booties!

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Anonymous said...

Bump is looking beautiful! Glad you are feeling better now

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