Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Pregnancy update - week 28!

by Bex

Wowser, it's been a while since I have done one of these, I even missed the 6 months milestone!  Oh and I have to finish writing about our 3D scan!!  It's obviously all just been a bit busy at the moment and finding time to blog hasn't been a priority.  Being without internet for a week didn't help either!  I'm surprised I survived!  Haha, I am kidding, promise!  (Only because I had my phone to do mini blogs on instagram!!)  I will soon be back with lots of posts about the nursery, new house in general, the move itself and more pregnancy related posts!

How far along: 28 weeks

Size comparison: Aubergines

Weight gain: I haven't found the scales yet (still lots of boxes to get through!) but I expect it is +++ by now!  I'll come back and update this when the scales are unpacked.

Cravings: Nothing really but I am MUCH hungrier these days, especially in the mornings!  (i.e. ALL morning!)

Symptoms: Still sore hips but I've probably been doing a bit too much since stopping work as it all got a bit hectic trying to get organised for the move!  My bump is now feeling pretty massive and is causing me to wake a lot in the night due to discomfort or needing to turn over in a very undignified, convoluted manner!  I really struggle to get socks on and do up laces now so tend to try to wear flip flops unless I need more support/warmer feet, then I get either Nik or Mum to help if they're about.  I've also had to buy a couple of bigger bras again and although my super comfy size 16 over-bump Mothercare jeans are still fitting exactly the same everywhere else, the bump band is getting awfully tight so I managed to find some looser ones which fit in the H&M sale (size 20 as it's H&M!).  Update: turns out they maybe don't fit all that well as they fall down a lot so I'm constantly pulling them up but they are much more comfortable on the bump!

The old jeans which get too tight over the bump these days

Things for babies: Mum has now arrived from Saudi and will be staying until after the babies are born.  It will be a massive help as I struggle more and more to look after myself and am getting tired much more often than before.  She also turned up with a whole suitcase of things for the twins!  I haven't been allowed to see everything yet but the things she keeps producing from it so far have all been adorable!

I'm so excited that Bex has offered to crochet things for the twins too as I suck at crochet (Diana tried to teach me but I just have no patience for it I'm afraid, it's a craft that just escapes my passion) but have seen lots of lovely things on Pinterest which I love for the babies!

Left: Image Source, Right: Image Source both via Pinterest

On our first day out in Tunbridge Wells recently Mum and I had a quick look in H&M (fast becoming my favourite place for baby clothes as well as maternity wear) and when she saw the adorable bear dungarees I'd bought for Megan, convinced me we should own a pair too so we bought them for our son and a denim dress for our daughter (the only matching, yet not identical, outfit I have bought for the twins).  They're going to look SO cute in them!!

 Both H&M

Now we're finally down in the house, we can start ordering the big (important) stuff like the co-sleeper, cots, buggy and car seats.  Watch this space for an influx of baby related purchases very soon!


Spare Thoughts said...

Aw, you have an Elmer. My daughter thinks the word for an elephant is Elmer and hearing her say it is the cutest thing so we haven't tried to correct her.

Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

Oh you look fab and I love the denim outfits!! The twinnies are going to be so sweet!

BTW in my third trimester and after the birth I lived in jersey tapered trousers with a drawstring waist from Gap. Super comfy and they look quite chic really! (sort of!!)

Rachie xo

Unknown said...

You are looking fab! x

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