Friday, 10 October 2014

3D baby scan - Babyscanning Glasgow review

by Bex

It's about time I wrote up this post about our 4D scan or the actual 4D babies will be here!!

We had this done before we left Glasgow back around week 25 I think, Nik had already started his job down south so he'd had to miss our 24 week growth scan (the only one he's missed) so it was nice that we could do this on the weekend when he was up.  We went to Babyscanning Glasgow as it seemed to be a good deal.  We booked the simple 4D scan which included a 30 min appt (appx 20 mins of scanning time), a DVD video of the babies moving in 3D and a CD of pictures as well as some A4 prints of the best views.

We were both surprised at the private scanning offices.  The lobby was very elegant and modern but when we got to the reception/waiting area upstairs it was a very basic, empty room with plastic chairs along one side, a big desk on the other and a coffee table in the middle.  The walls had a few baby pictures scattered around but the whole place felt like a temporary office, it just wasn't what I expected despite the reasonable prices for scans.  We paid £89 for the basic 4D scan.

Inside the scan room, obviously kept dim for a good view of the scan, it was the usual set up we were used to from our NHS scans but with plenty of extra seats for anyone you wanted to bring with you.  As it was the weekend of our leaving do, the in-laws were up so they got to join us and see the scan 'live'.

The scan itself was good and we did enjoy seeing our babies in 3D, mostly it was nice for us all to be able to go together.  We're glad we did it as it's nice to have the pictures as part of enjoying everything pregnancy related (as you know, I've been soaking up anything and everything pregnancy while I can!) but neither of us thought we'd bother again if we ever did have a second pregnancy (unlikely anyway).

It was still fun showing everyone our new 3D pictures that evening at our party though!  I downloaded them onto my phone as the A4 pictures are a) not suitable to carry around and b) poor quality as they've been printed too big for the resolution.  I definitely would have preferred they printed smaller ones like the size you get at the hospital.

So, after all that explaining our disappointment (well, not disappointment so much as feeling underwhelmed), here are our pictures!  We were pretty lucky with baby boy being in a great position allowing them to get some good views.

Baby girl was a different story and not only was she in an awkward position but she kept moving as well as having her umbilical cord across her face most of the time.  She actually looks a bit grumpy compared to him in these pictures, especially the second one:

You can see her umbilical cord cutting across under her chin like a necklace.

They went back to baby boy to get some more views of him and we saw him yawning and pouting big time!

Don't worry, he doesn't have a hole in the side of his face,
he'd just moved out of the plane of the scan for the 3D program to work properly

A pout to rival Anna!

I'd love to share the video as well (although it's lots of very short clips rather than a full video of them) but it won't play on my laptop so I'll have to play it on the TV and film it on my phone to share it, I just don't have time right now.

As you can probably tell, we weren't overly impressed with the whole experience but we do like having the pictures.  Truthfully, we both think seeing them in the standard ultrasound is better.  I loved seeing baby girl have hiccups and we could see pouting from the side at previous scans.  It's a bit of a gimmick really and although we knew that, I thought I'd enjoy the experience more than I did.

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Another Bun said...

I think the setting and the sonographer can help make a scan to be honest.
We were v lucky with T that he was v cooperative and the technician was v enthusiastic and keen to show as much as possible.
I've had friends who have been elsewhere or have had babies in poor positions and they were left feeling rather underwhelmed by it all too.

We are having one this time (just because we did with T) and hopefully we will have another positive experience but it really will just depend on baby!

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