Saturday, 11 October 2014

Baby shower excitement!

by Bex

I recently received this gorgeous bit of paperless post from the amazing Gemma & Bella who are so kindly organising a baby shower for me!

I am beyond excited!!!  Isn't it pretty?

I don't know exactly what to expect as all of the planning is being done by these two lovely ladies but I know we're having afternoon tea at my house next week.  I'm being banished in the morning to have breakfast out with Mum and Nik while the girls take over the house!  :D

It's not an 'American style' baby shower where the idea is to be showered with gifts.  I just want to experience anything and everything pregnancy related and make the most of this time while I still can.  A baby related party is just one of the things and for me it's about getting to have fun, I just want the shower to be about celebrating this amazing and unexpected pregnancy, having some fun and seeing as many of my friends as possible while I can still dress a bit glam without baby sick on me :)  Thanks for making it happen ladies, I cannot wait!!  xxx


Sandie said...

Love it! How exciting xx

Lisa-Marie said...

It's so pretty and so you! Enjoy! Xx

M-J said...

How sweet and thoughtful of them! Have an amazing time xx

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