Thursday, 30 October 2014

Maternity photo shoot by Laura Aziz!

by Bex

So, we had our 3rd and final maternity photo shoot on Sunday, this time with Laura Aziz (baby, picture this).  I was first introduced to Laura by Kirsty via email as we were both pregnant and both moving to Sussex!  When I mentioned a few months back that I'd be looking for a photographer down south to capture the bump when it's properly big (if the babies stayed inside long enough!) and Laura was instantly recommended to me.  It was great to have an excuse to meet up and Laura was so helpful in fitting us in as she had her daughter just over 4 months ago!  It was so relaxed which was just what I needed at 35 weeks with twins as I am obviously pretty tired and immobile after a certain point these days.  It helps to have someone who understands that and is happy to be flexible.

We've actually booked Laura's Bump-Newborn package so we'll be seeing her again in a few weeks to take some photos of us with the babies on the outside too!  Again, I'm so pleased as we don't need to worry too much about when that will be until the babies are here and we have an idea how we're managing.  We're hoping to do it within the first 2 weeks after they're born if I'm feeling OK and will obviously communicate with Laura as soon as we know when will be the best time for us.  The best thing is that she comes to us, just what we'll need a couple of weeks after a caesarian and with two babies!

So, as I hoped, we got some great photos of us waiting for the babies in our new home and new local surroundings.  It's lovely having some photos taken in Glasgow previously where so much happened for us, particularly in our wedding park but I'm also glad we got some taken down here where life is changing way more than it ever has or probably ever will.  A proper grown up house, complete with garden and we're about to become parents to two babies at once.  Eeek!

Anyway, as for the photos, I am delighted with them - Laura has really captured the gorgeous autumn surroundings as well as our happiness and excitement.  This time I did my own make-up and put my hair up with plenty of hairspray in case of rain.  Luckily the rain held off although so did the sunshine but the photos are just stunning.

There are a few here taken in the nursery but I'm keeping most of them back until I blog about the whole room (after the babies are born).  Laura has captured some lovely details and I can't wait to share them all with you but only after we've announced the babies' arrival and their names ;)

Seriously, LOVE THEM ALL!

I wore a New Look maternity top (borrowed from Roz) with my MAMA from H&M overbump jeans before changing into my MAMA teal tunic dress from H&M over leggings with a good old Bex style statement beaded necklace (from a craft fair years ago).  I also wore my comfy new boots from Clarks (bought with a TAMBA 20% off code) which only just fit now as my extremities are starting to swell!

P.S. Nik's matching teal jumper wasn't actually planned but being me, I do kinda like that we match ;)

As with our shoot with Lauren, we paid for our package with Laura, I'm so glad we managed to have a shoot towards the end of this pregnancy with the BIG bump too.  I'm clearly just obsessed with maternity shoots!!  I wanted to share all the gorgeous photos here for obvious reasons and again would highly recommend Laura's services if you're down in the South East!  


Another Bun said...

Just beautiful Bex, and I'm so glad you are having newborn images done too (I admit to stalking Laura's website to make sure she would do your babes justice - she will, a million times over) as they v quickly grow and lose that newborn newness!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Bex! Love the Nice biscuit print :)

Laura said...

Aww what a gorgeous post! I loved meeting you both and getting to explore your beautiful home, I'm so glad you are pleased. You we're both so happy and the excitement was tangible. I can't wait to meet the babies!

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