Monday, 20 October 2014

My baby shower!

by Bex

As I mentioned last week, Gemma & Bella threw me a baby shower this Saturday and boy did they put in a lot of effort!  They had arranged an olive green and yellow colour scheme to match the invitations, organised baby vest decorating with stencils and fabric paints, an amazing afternoon tea spread which everyone brought along some baking for and basically spoiled me rotten!

Unfortunately a lot of people couldn't make it due to various illnesses, distance/cost issues and poor sick babies but we didn't let that spoil the day and I had a thoroughly amazing time with those who were able to make it!  Plus is was quite nice having a small group as I was able to chat with everyone easily.  My in-laws had driven down for the weekend to join in and see the house for the first time, my Mum is obviously still here (and arranged the most amazing favours which I had no idea about either!  Sneaky!), Bella & Gemma came early to banish me while they decorated the house and then Laura and Katie turned up (with the most adorable and youngest guest, Megan)!  Nik and his Dad had planned to go out but since we had so much cake and plenty of spare everything, they decided to stay and join in the fun :)

I wore the purple Seraphine maxi dress Dani so kindly sent to me a few weeks ago.  Roz was devastated to not be able to make it down so I thought wearing an abundance of purple would help add her spirit to the occasion ;)  I added gold accessories for a bit of glitz.

Gemma and Bella banished me from the house in the morning and did an amazing job decorating our half-finished dining room using the paper pom garland I'd kept from my wedding (albeit a bit squished after 3 years in the attic) as well as some fresh gorgeous ones they'd made themselves and some fab green chevron paper straws!  They bought me a beautiful cabbage bouquet as well as roses for the mums!!  They then utilised my many (still homeless - a dresser has been ordered!) platters and cake stands to display all of the amazing food and baking people brought for our lovely afternoon tea.

Mum had sneakily bought loads of individually boxed bone china dragonfly mugs to use for the tea and for people to then take away as a party favour which I thought was such a sweet idea!  She even bought me a special green one!

I used my green one for tea and switched to the other when everyone had pink fizz (I had Melonade).

Since there were only 4 guests including Bella & Gemma, it means there are loads left so it looks like I have a fab new dragonfly mug collection!  :)

As for the baking, Laura's macarons and cheese scones went down a treat and Mum's lemon drizzle cakes (one with blueberries) were also very popular as was the fancy Maison Blanc chocolate cake MIL brought (as she couldn't bake close enough to the day).

We actually tucked into all of the delicious food last after catching up, pressies and then a tour of the new house of course, including the nursery which meant they all got a special secret sneaky peek at the twins' top secret initials as they'd just arrived that morning and I couldn't wait to add them to my newly designed gallery wall!

The twins and I are extremely lucky and although I had made sure that the girls knew no presents were required nor expected (as per American style showers), everyone brought us some truly beautiful gifts and I had a lot of fun opening them!!

Laura gave us some beautiful limited edition prints she felt would 
look gorgeous in a nursery/playroom.
Plus, check out the fab chevron wrapping and cute card!

I think I love the trampolining one best but I keep changing my mind!
They'll definitely be up in the playroom (the nursery walls are full now!)

Katie gave me some lovely bump treats and the twins a super cute bunny called JoJo and some cute (& very soft) 'Born in 2014' outfits!

(I forgot to take a picture of the bump products as I already put them in the bathroom!  
The sleep mist smells lovely!)

And Bella & Gemma MADE the most gorgeous little bowl set with dragonfly designs
 and 'The little dragonfly' written in French and Spanish!

I am SO impressed with Gemma's drawings!

I even received some gifts from some of those who couldn't attend.

Linsey (aka the queen of crochet!) sent some beautifully crocheted booties and hats in
olive green & cream with the most adorable wooden dragonfly buttons!

Roz has bought us the most beautiful print (which hasn't arrived yet but she sent me an image of it) which is just perfect and made most of us misty eyed!

This will also be in the playroom :)

And the wonderful Penski sent a huge Lavender tree which smells amazing and came with such a lovely message!

It's currently on the front step so we smell it as we brush past into the house :)

Katie and Laura had to leave around 5 but Bella and Gemma were able to stay on a bit longer to take part in the baby vest decorating!  I was honestly SO impressed (watching from my chair of exhaustion as I was) with everyone's designs!  Bella made an Elmer vest, Gemma a colourful parrot and MIL a bookworm inspired by the ones in the Nursery.  Mum was in her element helping everyone with crafting ideas and using her special machines/supplies but we have loads of vests left over too so I'm sure Mum and I will have fun designing some more ourselves over the next few weeks!

And finally, I have to mention the most popular guest - Megan!  She was an absolute dream (seriously, I hope my babies are as happy, sociable and chilled out as she) and I was concerned that Katie might have a fight on her hands to get her daughter back off my Mum before the twins arrive!!

As you can see, we all had an absolute ball and I am so grateful to these amazing ladies for throwing such a special party for me and the twins!  Thank you so much!!  xx

Not such a neat bump when I sit down!!  ;)

Thanks also to Gemma for taking LOADS of photos on my camera!


Another Bun said...

You look amazing Bex! Love all the beautiful gifts - the crocheted booties are beyond sweet. Hope you're all recovered today :)

Gwen - TheFoodieHistorian said...

I am so sad I couldn't make it - but such gorgeous pictures! xx

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