Wednesday, 1 October 2014

New House Tour - Downstairs

by Bex

Here we go, your first proper peek in our new house!  This was my first peek as well, I wasn't able to get down to see the house and had to rely on Nik's very good video and judgement when we put the offer in!  Luckily I trust him implicitly and it definitely worked out well!  (It wouldn't be worth his having to put up with years of moaning if he bought a rubbish house anyway!)

You can see the floor plan here from way back when we had our offer accepted!

So we'll start with the entrance hall, walking in the front door you can see there is lots of light coming into the hall from all the glass panelled doors which I love although we have plans to block off the door facing us here (to the dining room) which will obviously make it darker at that end but I'll tell you more about that soon.  We still have the double doors on the right and the kitchen door is also paneled down at the end on the left.

Looking back towards the front door, you can see we also have access to the garage - I LOVE THIS!  I've already mentioned how our plans for the garage have changed and so far it's working out great but it's not quite ready for photos yet ;)  As for our front door, I hate it.  Obviously it's functional and a good secure PVC door but I hate the red flowery glass panels and the white door looks a bit crappy.  We've decided to replace it with a nice, coloured composite door (probably in dark green) with some plain glass panels at the top but this is an expense which is waiting until at least next year.

You can see above that we also have a wee dookit in the hall by the stairs which fits our coat stand perfectly and we have a good sized cupboard with a rail which we're using for our coats and plan to build some shelves for regularly used shoes and boots.  There's also a lot of wiring in there too for various house things which I don't know about (I think maybe it's all the wiring for the house as there are phone sockets and aerial points in lots of rooms but I do know it has the wiring for the sound system in the house.  It's in a few rooms, upstairs and down (weirdly not the kitchen or dining rooms) so you can plug in some music in this cupboard and listen to music in bathrooms, bedrooms and the living room.  Nik is hoping to hook something up to this so we can work it by remote rather than have to go in the cupboard to control the music, as well as making it possible to play in more than one room at once.

Our garage below is massive and luckily had the ceiling height for our old wardrobes to fit.  We're sharing this storage for various things and it's keeping all our DIY, gardening and outdoor stuff tidy and away.  There are also plenty of electric sockets which is handy for gardening machines which Nik is already loving playing with!

Back in the house, we have a spacious downstairs toilet next to the garage entrance into the house which is very handy (and I suspect will be more so when I'm downstairs with both babies)!

On to the living room (through the double doors on the right).  This room is a great size (not counting the ceiling height as our lamp has been relegated to the garage) and has wonderful light most of the day thanks to an east facing big bay window and another bay (is it still a bay window if it's 'stuck on' and not bay all the way to the floor?) window facing south.  It has 2 sets of double doors with the second set leading to what was a study but we plan to use as a playroom (with the intention of fitting roller blinds to the doors so the inevitable accumulation of plastic toys can be shoved in and hidden).

The result is that all 4 walls have either a door or window on which limits furniture and art positions in the room and although it has 4 aerial points in each corner, the sky connection is only in one corner so that has dictated somewhat how we've decided to layout the room.  We plan to get a corner sofa for the wall with the square bay window (in fact I've just ordered this - very exciting!).

The playroom
(It has oak flooring under the carpet so we're not worried about it getting wrecked!)

The dining room at the end of the corridor has double doors out to the small patio in the back garden.

We plan to open this up into the kitchen to give us more space and more of the kitchen feel we're used to from our old kitchen/diner.  I've kept the kitchen for another post as there's a lot going on in there!

You'll have to wait 'til next time for upstairs as there's just too much to get through in one go!  :)

As you can see, it's pretty much a blank canvas.  Totally perfect to live with while we get everything sorted for the twins' arrival, even the one wall of wallpaper is nice enough - just not to my taste.  We do plan to re-decorate the living room and hall when we have time (I'm being optimistic and hoping pre-babies) and once the wall is down between the kitchen and dining room that will also need to be painted.  Lots of things to blog about but as you may have already noticed, I am just able to write now & then as there's a lot to do and I get very tired and sore these days.  Posts will likely be even fewer and far between once these babies arrive!  :D

Don't worry - there will still be updates, I just don't know how good or how often ;)


Amanda M said...

Gorgeous flooring!

And OF COURSE the door will be green!

Unknown said...

Your new house looks so handsome. Even with the empty spaces, I can already imagine how gorgeous it'll be once you settle in and decorate I love the floor plan, and the natural light in the living room is a definite plus. Good luck with the projects you will be taking on! Thanks for sharing the tour with us!

Denise Bolds @ RE/MAX

Nita said...

I think it's called a 'bow' window rather than a 'bay' window if it doesn't go all the way to the floor... Gorgeous looking house, can't wait to see what you do with it!

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