Monday, 6 October 2014

New House Tour - Upstairs

by Bex

Now the upstairs!  I hope you all enjoyed getting a peek at our rather empty downstairs, the upstairs is much more exciting as it has the twins' room!  I can't wait to show you a before and after of this room :)  Again, upstairs we pretty much have a blank canvas.  The nursery is the first room at the top of the stairs, above the garage.  It has sloped walls and velux windows which face east.  I should also mention that we are not overlooked from any window - you can see next door's roof but they have no windows on that side (just as well as we haven't organised any blinds or curtains yet and we're currently sleeping in this room!)

Anyway, this room is already painted in the shade of grey I wanted but with a blue wall around the doorway.  We've decided to keep the blue as well as it looks fab with all the bright colours we have planned and it's a lovely shade.  It's a great size room with the only limitations being the slanted walls.  I can easily envisage how it will look once I've finished with it and can't wait for the last bits n bobs to arrive so I can show you!

The main bathroom is further round the landing and will be used as the kids' bathroom as there's no shower or way to attach one as the tap in the bath is a fancy bath filler rather than a spout.  We may eventually change this but not for a few years yet - a jug will do for rinsing hair for now :)

The landing is nice with a gallery opening looking down to the hall.  You can also see the hatch to the attic which is floored, clean and has a proper light and steps - super easy to access and store things and very unlike our previous attic!

Nik's study is in bedroom four, the smallest bedroom but a much better size than I expected from the video.  We also love the colour so we've had to rethink our decor ideas for here as we're leaving this room as is as well (also all the rooms are painted with Farrow and Ball paint, nice!).

It has a view over our back garden and next door's (the other way) garage at the bottom of their garden, we can hardly see their house as their garden is massive!

Our oil tank is hidden in that square of bushes in the corner of our garden.

The guest bedroom is also a good size and has the best bathroom!  It's huge and has a great bath and shower plus loads of storage space.  I can see myself  mainly using this bathroom when we don't have guests.

The master bedroom is again a lovely big size with windows facing the same as the living room (but not bay windows sadly, that would have been fab).  We have lovely views over the fields to the east where the horses are kept and all the bushes and trees again mean we're not overlooked by the 3 cottages round the corner.  Looking the other way is more of a meadow which is also a lovely view if you ignore the telegraph pole and lines ;)

This room is a lovely colour which will fit in with my scheme of champagne, gold and seafoam green.  Again, although it's not offensive in the slightest, we'll be getting rid of the wallpaper and painting that wall in the pale aqua/blue/green colour.  We'll probably leave the other walls as is.  You can also see that the room is set up like a hotel in that it has lamp sockets and switches next to where the bed will go.  We can switch all the lamps on from a switch at the door too which I should have mentioned is a feature in the living room and nursery too.

As for the rest of the room, below you can see the built in cupboard and door to the en suite shower room (and main door out to the hall where you can see the main bathroom).  The marking on the carpet is a result of a pine wardrobe they used to have there which blocked a lot of the light past it as well as sticking out quite far.  We've replaced that with a chest of drawers instead.

The ensuite is another great size with nice tiles and fittings.  We're not keen on the 'spokes' style of shower head so plan to replace this at some stage but what we really would prefer is one big rectangular shower rather than this curved set up which leaves little elbow room when you're actually inside the shower end.  We think it should be fairly easy (and hopefully cheap) to replace just the shower base and glass side (we'll probably have to add a door) to make it a proper big shower enclosure as we don't need a dry end (which doesn't stay dry anyway)!

The view shown is down to our wee bit of front garden next to the driveway, this is where we can sit in the sun in the evening as the house shades most of the north facing back garden by then.  Again, you can see we're not overlooked in this direction either - it's pretty perfect!  :)


Amanda M said...

What a lovely house!

PS wardrobe there? Bonkers!

Bex said...

I know Amanda! It is limited where you can put storage due to the windows and doors everywhere and they had 2 wardrobes in there. We just have one (which is causing some storage issues for me - I still have stuff to unpack and nowhere to put it yet!). Nik has the built in cupboard so I think he needs to relinquish an extra drawer for me! ;)

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