Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Our fancy new fridge

by Bex

You may be wondering why our new fridge-freezer is getting a whole post all to itself.  Well, as you know, we've been living with a teeny fridge (a Gumtree find at £50) while we made a decision on which fridge we were going to buy.  We both wanted an American style fridge freezer but couldn't agree on which one.  Basically I wanted to buy a particularly fancy Samsung number with drawers below the fridge section meaning I wouldn't have to bend down for anything in the fridge (especially as salad drawers tend to be right down the bottom) which is used much more frequently than the freezer.  (The 'if money were no object option' - Samsung RF24FSEDBSR and the slightly more realistic Samsung RFG23UERS.)  Also, having freezer drawers makes it easier to find things at the back.  Unfortunately this type of American style fridge freezer is particularly pricey and I always knew I wouldn't win the 'debate' on which fridge we should get!  My top choices are all on Pinterest and the 3rd option, Samsung RS7567BHCSP was the one Nik thought we should get.

The dream fridge freezer!

Not one to give up easily though, I contacted my blog/Twitter friend, Kimberly, of Swoonworthy fame as I know she edits the ao at home blog which I also love (and you can vote for them to win an award at the moment too if you like!).  Nik and I both love ao.com and have bought from them in the past with excellent results, good prices and customer service.  This is where we'd been looking for our new fridge anyway and in fact we'd already bought our new washing machine and microwave from them.  Although Kimberly has nothing to do with the sales side of things, I thought it might be worth asking if she knew anything about these fridges and what our best options might be.

Turns out they have a review process for new products which meant there may be a tiny chance to receive a fridge to review on their website and on behalf of the manufacturer but it would depend entirely on whether any were available for this purpose at this time and she passed it on to her colleague who deals with that side of things.  Definitely worth waiting for so we put up with our teeny fridge for a bit longer as her colleague was on holiday.  Lucky for us it was worth the wait as it turned out they had two American style Beko fridge freezers available for review and we were given the choice of which (if either) we would like to receive along with instructions of what would be expected of us in return (a video review as well as a written one for their website).  Obviously the chance to save hundreds of pounds immediately trumped the previous styles I'd been lusting after at and in fact, the two we were sent links of actually seemed very similar to the one we were realistically going to buy.  This blog post was absolutely not a requirement, I just wanted to write about it as we love the fridge, the company and Kimberly!

And here is the one we chose:

The Beko ASP341S in silver.

We had a tough decision as the other one offered seemed exactly the same but with a stainless steel finish and it didn't need to be plumbed in.  Nik really wanted the stainless steel finish but I was wary of fingerprints (especially with twins on the way) as they tend to show up more easily than on a matt silver finish (and Twitter peeps agreed with me).  Plumbing it in wasn't an issue as we already planned to get a plumbed in version, despite needing to add a pipe to a wall as where there's already a supply we're knocking down that wall!  When we saw that the tank in the non-plumbed option basically takes up a shelf on the fridge door, it made the decision for us.

We're so glad we chose the one we did.  It not only looks fab, we don't have to worry about forgetting to fill up the tank.

Our sexy new fridge!

If you want to read our full review, good and bad (just a couple of small niggles - we'd definitely recommend this fridge!), just head over to ao.com to read our review and check out our video review over on YouTube.

Since then it has developed some kind of fault, the ice dispenser is leaking water from the bottom (inside the door) which is trickling down making frozen puddles in the door shelf and causing the freezer to frost up due to the moisture.  It also dumps water out of the dispenser with the ice sometimes which is obviously not right.  I wonder if the water to fill up the ice cube making tray is somehow pouring into the ice storage tank as well?

Anyway, I contacted our ao.com review contact who was very helpful and gave me the number and info I needed as we are covered by the guarantee even though we didn't pay for the fridge freezer, phew!  I was put straight through to Beko who were also very helpful and have taken all the details and passed it on to their engineers who will be calling me within 24 hours to make an appointment to come and check it out and hopefully fix it!  :)

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