Monday, 13 October 2014

Rainbow Rugs

by Bex

I spotted a rainbow rug by accident but then decided it was an essential addition to the nursery.  After a quick search to find the one I saw initially, I've now found quite a few that I like (at various price points) so I thought I'd put them all in a post and get some opinions from you lovely people!  ;)

If you're after a bit of colour in your home, I'd definitely suggest one of these (some are very reasonable) to brighten up a dull space.  Some are definitely more 'grown up' than others and look pretty stylish in my opinion.  (I haven't included any of the ones which turned out to be from American websites.)  You can see them all on my Nursery Ideas board on Pinterest.

There are a few geometric style colourful rugs:

Clockwise from top left:
Rainbow Festival Rug, Fringes Rugs, £175 | Asiatic Funk Rainbow Rug, my haus, £499 | 
After the Rainbow Rug, Sonya, £2780  | Rainbow Rug, Sonya, £2540

Striped ones:

Clockwise from top left:  
Shaggy Bright Rainbow Rug, ebay, £79.99 | Rainbow Striped Rug, ebay, £51.70 | Shiny Rainbow Wave Rug, Land of Rugs, £88 | Modern Bright Coloured Rug, ebay, £49.99

And circular ones:

Clockwise from top: 
Bubbles Rug, Sonya, £1280 | Braided Rug, Etsy, £321.53 | Braided Rug, Etsy, £73.51

There are obviously quite a range of budgets catered for there and different sizes are available in most of them.  I'm quite gutted that the bubble one is £1280 as I think that would look fab in the nursery but my realistic favourites are the Festival Rug for £175 and the Shiny Rainbow Wave Rug (although I'm concerned about the shiny part!) for £88 although it looks a bit dull compared to the rest and might not work with the bright colours I have in the nursery already.  The one next to it might be better but Roz has just texted me saying she has that exact one for A's nursery!!  We obviously both have great taste!  ;)  I suspect that one might win as it's the cheapest!

Which is your favourite?  Nik chose the Sonya Rainbow Rug before I told him the price!  Haha!

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