Monday, 3 November 2014

Last Minute Babymoon!

by Bex

I'm hoping I'll have time to write about this after the fact as well but we've just booked a little babymoon night away!  With so much going on over the last few months - coping with sickness, house hunting, Nik moving down to start his new job, us both moving hundreds of miles, sorting our new house, preparing for babies.... a babymoon wasn't a priority or an expense we could really afford.  I'd have loved a long weekend in Paris or a week in Italy enjoying the food after my sickness wore off but it just wasn't to be.

As it happens, now we're feeling more settled and the big jobs are done (house and baby related), I thought it would be nice to just have a wee night away from home to really relax and enjoy a lovely meal and maybe have a wee relaxing spa treat.  I think with everything that's been going on, a night away is the perfect idea for the two of us just to have some us time together before we forget what that's like in the deluge of nappies and feeding!  Obviously we are rapidly running out of time to do this and given how close we are to the birth, it makes sense to stay nearby.

I initially looked at hotels in Brighton as Nik could meet me there straight from work giving us maximum relaxation time together but the timings for that fell apart after he was offered a lucrative day of work that weekend.  Plus I found out the hotel didn't have a pool in the spa meaning all the spa facilities were off limits to me (thermal rooms and the like) and I just really fancy a float about in a nice pool with this heavy bump!  In the end it was getting tricky to find something (Nik only had one other day he was off before the final weekend pre-babies) and I didn't want to leave it too late so tonight we are off to a very old hotel in a nearby village (half-way between us and our chosen birthing hospital, the car will be well packed of course!) which we're assured by locals does VERY nice food.  All of the rooms have four poster beds and are very traditional and the hotel has quite an interesting history.  I can't wait to review it.

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Nik wasn't that bothered about the spa part so rather than trying to squeeze that in when he's not working, Mum and I are going for a spa day instead!  She's been so helpful and is doing so much for us so it'll be nice for her to have a chill out break too :)

We've booked a place 15 minutes away in Ashdown Forest which looks lovely, has a pool (as well as thermal rooms for Mum to enjoy) and we're having the Afternoon Tea Spa Day package with a 50 minute treatment each.  I can't wait!  (Unfortunately due to leaving this all so late, there was no availability until next Thursday so I'm hoping I'm still feeling generally OK by then!  I certainly could use the massage on my aches already!)

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Unknown said...

I hope you had a lovely time - and now they are here!!

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