Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The best bits

by Bex

Now I've written about the twins' birth, our time in hospital, breastfeeding and baby products, I feel I should write about the twins themselves and where better to start than listing all of my favorite things about them and about being a new mum!

I've decided to make this post just that - a list.  Lists are quicker and easier to write which gives me more time for editing pictures of them while they're asleep!  ;)

So, in no particular order, the best bits (so far):

The noises they make, especially the satisfied noises they make when eating and the little squeaks and sighs in their sleep.

Watching them enjoy their baths, kicking their legs about and enjoying the warm water - they rarely cry when they get out now too.

Watching them stare at the mobile I made them.  Now they can see better, they seem to love watching it twist and bob about above them during nappy changes.

Priya's super soft hair tickling my face when she snuggles into my neck as I carry her through to the nursery between night-feeds for her nappy change.

Kissing them all over their gorgeous, soft faces.



When we're all waking up in the morning and I bring them into the bed beside me for cuddles.  I could watch them for hours!

When they stare into my eyes during feeds.

Kal's stretching face.

Priya's yawns.

Their gorgeous smiles, especially the cheeky ones!

Taking photos of them.  Dozens and dozens of photos.

Watching them grow and get chubby little wrists and folds as my breast milk does it's magic stuff.

Playing with their little toes every time I get their legs out out for a nappy change.

Kal raising one eyebrow.

Massaging their wee bodies after a bath every night and then winding down with a story and one last feed before bed.

More cuddles.

When they smile in response to me saying hello or chattering away to them.

Seeing them all snuggled up with Daddy.


Tuff said...

What a lovely post :)
It really shines through every word how happy you are!
And as always: gorgous, gorgous babys and baby pictures :)

Unknown said...

You look great Bex, motherhood certainly suits you! The twins are just adorable xx

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