Monday, 29 June 2015

Paddling pool fun

by Bex

I bought a cheap paddling pool for the babies recently and added the balls I got at an NCT nearly new sale.  We had 2 big bags of balls but the pool was too big for them to be effective as a ball pit.  Priya was the first to try it out and we just piled the balls onto her in the dry pool.  She was a bit confused at first but soon started enjoying it.

I decided to keep the big pool for us adults to dip our feet (or whole selves) in the hot weather and bought another much smaller (and cuter) pool for the twins.  I'd seen Megan having a lot of fun in hers and I bought some more bags of balls to go with it.  It turns out to be an excellent purchase (thanks for the inspiration Katie!)  and £10 well spent (+ £10 for the balls).

I set it up in the living room when it arrived as it wasn't a very warm day and we had lots of fun playing and taking photos.  The green sunshade makes for a fab bright backdrop!

Kalyan wasn't too sure about sitting in the balls and soon had enough.

Priya loved it though and I started throwing balls at her saying "Ready....catch." (before Mum took over so I could take photos of the massive grins!).  She loved the balls bouncing off her head!

Kalyan was quite happy quietly licking the balls from the safety of the rug.

We've since used it in the garden in the sunshine and then with water in as well.  Again, K was a bit unsure initially but he is warming to it (it seems he's not a fan of the red balls!).

This lovely sunny day was their 7 month birthday.  You can see a series of them fighting over the milestone card here.

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