Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Pin it do it - Baby collage

by Bex

I always liked the idea of taking lots of close up pictures of the twins to keep a record of all those little details.  I saw these collages on Pinterest (one 3 years ago and one 5 weeks ago) and wanted to make one myself for each baby.  I think they look great in classic black & white and will be great to look back on as my babies grow up, it's happening so fast!  I'm having trouble keeping up with my own photos, editing and printing, never mind plans such as photo books!  This is a small, easy project I could manage with fewer precious hours.

I've finally managed it after almost 7 months ;)  I took most of the photos when Priya took a nap the other day while I had 3 grandparents around helping out which let me finally find my macro lens and get arty.  I plan to try to get more photos (e.g. of her belly button and teeth) but for now, I've just used what I have.  I made it without looking back at Pinterest first and didn't think to get a shot of her fluffy hair as well so I'll be adding that in too.

Here is Priya's:

Kalyan's is still unfinished as I had even fewer suitable ones of him since he napped in a more tricky position.  I need to get some of his hands as well as his belly button (they were both dressed).  Naps are useful for this project since they are SO active now and apparently hate to keep still for even a second!  It would definitely be easier to do for a newborn but then there wouldn't be the fun expressive pictures in the centre.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Love this! Can't wait to see Kalyan's.

I have so many pictures set aside for frames / collages of Aaron including an awesome game of peekaboo! Need to actually do it xx

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