Friday, 17 July 2015

Foodies Festival Brighton (And FF Edinburgh Giveaway!)

Way back in my very busy May, before we drove up to Glasgow for Aaron's 1st birthday and then had our twins' naming ceremony at home, I was given tickets to go along to the Brighton Foodies Festival.  We received 4 tickets (and the babies are obviously free anyway) so we took along Nik's parents (fellow foodies and very helpful with the babies too!!) and made a day of it.  See below for details on our upcoming giveaway for tickets to the Edinburgh Foodies Festival!

Unfortunately, for Sussex it was a pretty dull day and very chilly down by the sea in Brighton.  We soon warmed up wandering around the stalls though and there were a few events in the big marquees which also gave us a chance to warm up.  The babies were wrapped up all cosy in their buggy, using the seats for the first time, graduating from the carrycots!

These events in the marquees were free, included in the ticket price, you just need to sign up at the tent by the entrance for the ones you want to attend.  We were too late for the Champagne tasting unfortunately as it had already started (and was unsurprisingly full!) when we got there at around 11:30.  We did sneak into the back of a quieter one though when at the other end of the festival as Priya got hungry!  It was a cooking demonstration by Dave Mothersill, head chef at The Salt Room restaurant in Brighton and John Whaite was also helping out.  Dave made a lovely looking seafood dish and people were invited up to see and taste the food at the end and I went to ask the name of the chef (having missed the start) and Priya and I posed for a picture with the two chefs, Kalyan helped Nik take the photo!  ;)

We soon decided it was time for lunch and there was a huge variation of foods to choose from!  Nik's Mum went for a pulled pork bun, his Dad had Jerk Chicken and Nik and I went for an amazing beef ciabatta roll with chimichurri sauce from Boy Meats Grill.  The beef was cooked medium in big chunks and then sliced and served fresh.  It was so yummy, the sauce was perfect with it - punchy, lemony, herby deliciousness!

Boy Meats Grill

Nik's Mum wasn't keen on her choice (I tried it and it wasn't very tasty) so she ended up having pizza also.  Co-op had a stall where they were selling their frozen pizzas, stone-baked with a glass of prosecco for £6 and all the proceeds went to local charities.  As Nik and I had shared our beef ciabatta, we also had a half pizza to share and it was delicious!  We chose The Rainbow Fund on behalf of our rainbow twins ;)

After lunch we were getting a bit chilly again so went to another show, this time about foraging and making things from foraged foods by Sarah Watson at Wild Feast.  It was really interesting but was a bit slow at the start so I took lots of photos of the babies enjoying time with Dadaji and Grandma and Kalyan making lots of amazing different faces!

At the end we got to sample such things as wild garlic dip, elderflower fizz and gorse flower booze (I can't remember if it was rum or gin).

After this we had one last wander round the stalls and stumbled across some delicious frozen yoghurt lollies by Claudi & Fin, we sampled both the Strawberry and Mango and loved them both, although the mango was my favourite!  They're available in Sainsbury's, highly recommended!

It soon got all too much for the twins so we bought a few bits of filo quiche to take home for dinner and made our way back to Uckfield.

Foodies Festival have kindly given us a pair of adult tickets to give away for the 10th anniversary celebrations at Inverleith Park.  The festival is on the 7th, 8th and 9th August and you can choose which day you wish to attend.  We'll be running the giveaway this week so keep your eyes peeled to be in with a chance of winning free tickets!

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